1. Twist:
Twist is a very addictive game, once you reach a certain score you always want to do better.
The objective of the game is to bounce a small black ball onto blocks while the view spirals round and changing colour. So at times it can get very confusing.
It may look simple but really this app can become quite difficult the higher score you reach.

2. Real Boxing 2 – CREED:
As games become increasingly better for smartphones and tablets this game really does show off the potential. The graphics are surprisingly good which is likely the reason behind making this the second top game on the app store. Of course the game itself is structured very well and is enjoyable to play. Users have the ability to customize their own character to step into the ring with.
The objective being to defeat the opponent with some powerful moves and the tutorial given helps users understand how to play with ease.

3. Hop Hop Hop:
If you’ve ever play “Flappy Bird” you could imagine how frustrating this game is going to be before you’ve even tried it.
The objective is to hop a ball shape object into a ring which unlocks the barrier in-front of it.
If you hit the ring too early and miss going in then it is game over.
After many attempts the highest score achieved was 14.
But if you’re the willing type for a good challenge then this game is the one for you.

4. Smashy Road:
Feels like an old arcade game and is really enjoyable.
Very simple and easy to play the objective is to get away from the cops.
The further you go and longer you last the more stars you gain which means helicopters and big 4x4 trucks start chasing you along with the police cars which were already on the chase.
If somehow you get stuck between all the police then you will get “Busted” and have to start again.
Throughout the game you collect a currency and this currency is used to unlock new cars within categories: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

5. Kill Shot Bravo:
This game will certainly help you pass the time with plenty of playable options which put your shooting skills and patience to the test. The campaign mostly involves using a sniper rifle so therefore precision is key, the way you zoom and shoot is very easy and when you get the correct hit gives a feel of accomplishment.
Other game modes involve: “Breach” – Run through rooms with a shotgun taking out targets to complete the mission. “Black-Ops” – A strong target “boss” is the objective and you must kill them in a specific way like a head shot from a sniper rifle. These missions provide specifically good rewards.

6. Tower Dash:
A cute indie game which gives the objective of jumping from wall to wall with a grapple hook.
The higher you reach, the higher your score.
Along the way you will collect yellow diamonds which are points towards purchasing new playable characters within the game.
One cool aspect to this app is multiplayer mode. Either connect with friends on Facebook or connect with random users from across the globe. This app becomes very competitive as of course the objective is to get a higher score than your opponent. 

7. Blossom Blast Saga:
If you have ever played “Candy Crush” then you are likely going to be very good at this game and perhaps it is right up your street.
The objective is to connect particular coloured flowers together. When you connect more than 4 flowers it is likely that a bonus flower will appear which connects with other flowers in a certain radius making those disappear and giving your more points.
The quicker you finish the bonus the more points you are likely to gain from that level.
A great game for users of all ages but perhaps the target audience is for the younger generation.

8. Word Brain:
This app is one that is great for passing time as you can go through a lot of levels to unlock new words. It begins very easy with simple words to connect like “Salt” “Chin” and “Nose”... we won’t leak too many answers but we're sure you can figure the early levels out for yourselves.
Of course the further you get into the game the harder the words get.
The funny thing is when you find a collection of letters that can make multiple possible words.
For instance: S O P T can make Pots, Tops, Post and Spot. (The answer is in there).
Nothing to complain with about this game and it is suitable for people of all ages. 

9. Piano Tiles 2:
A very popular game from its original release “Piano Tiles 1” has come out with some new additions which make it even more enjoyable. The previous app was very plain but did have options for the kind of speed you would tap at.
But now you can select the music you wish to play. The more points you gain the more music you can unlock. It’s colourful and far more enjoyable than the original.
If you’re a previous user or fancy a challenge then try this app!

10.  Pop the lock.
Don’t Blink! And we really mean that. Pop the lock has the simplest of objectives and is very easy to begin with, the aim is to connect the small line with the dots which move around the circumference of the lock. The higher the level you reach the less you will want to blink because if you miss that chance you will have to start again from the original number.
Sometimes if you’re lucky the game will give you the option to have a second chance and you can unlock this by watching a 30 second advertisement which mostly is just a promotion for another app. You don’t have to install the app which is advertised, just close the video and you will start from where you left off.
Quite the challenge, give it a try!

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