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Nowadays, tablets are growingly becoming a bigger part of people's lives as they increase in popularity. Whatever the reason you may be using your tablet, you don't want it to break, and if it does, you don't want to have to pay a ridiculous amount for a new one or a one off repair. It's also very frustrating to be cut away from the world during this time, as very often you use your tablet to connect with people.

  • Infinity Unlimited Repairs
  • Spanner 24 Hour Replacements^^
  • Collection / Return Free Collect / Return on All Gadgets
  • Pound 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Blue tickCracked Screens
  • Blue tickLiquid Damage
  • Blue tickAccidental Damage
  • Blue tickBreakdown
  • Blue tickTheft, Loss & Unauthorised Calls**
  • Blue tickInternational Trips
  • Blue tickImmediate Family
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I saved over £20 per month compared with D&G for the exact same level of cover.


Getting an online quote was easy, the price was almost half what we paid with my previous supplier.


Can't recommend enough for ease of use, low prices and helpful service


I saved over £55 per month on my 7 appliances and 1 gadget!


Why choose

Fortunately, at, we can protect you against any possible issues such as mechanical, electrical or accidental damage, as well as theft and loss**, from £1.49 for amazing tablet insurance! On top of this, when you process a claim with us we aim to get a replacement tablet to you within 24 hours of your claim being accepted, therefore you will be quickly connected back up with everything and everyone.

  • White tickLow Cost
  • White tickFlexible Payments
  • White tickMake Multiple Claims^
  • White tickLow Excesses
  • White tick14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • White tickUp To 20% Discount*
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Why choose us for your Tablet Insurance

Why Insure

Devoted to your tablet? Well you're not alone. We all love the fact that tablets can be used in places where no man has gone before. The downside? Using your tablet on the move increases the risk of damage, theft or loss, so loving your tablet involves protecting it! Thieves love shiny things that are easy to run with, don't you?!

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How Much

We offer great value insurance cover for your tablet or iPad. You'll benefit from complete protection against accidental, electrical and mechanical damage at a competitive price. Starting at only £3.49 a month for iPad insurance and from £1.49 for other tablet insurance, plus theft and loss cover can be added for just £2 a month. You'll even benefit from 5% off the price if you have already insured a phone with us, or you could even get a MAHOOSIVE 20% OFF if you cover four or more gadgets on an annual basis with us! Why? Because we're awesome.

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Why Us

We provide complete protection against accidental, electrical and mechanical damage and lost, theft & unauthorised calls** at an unbeatable cost, we've got you covered. Our tablet insurance has many fantastic advantages to it, including, 24 hour replacement after a successful claim.
You are also able to make multiple claims each year ^, as if that wasn't enough to convince you our customers rate us for our consistently excellent service on

How To Claim

Many tablet insurance companies sign you up and then pass you to a third party and forget about you. Well, we don't agree with that, we like to keep our customers close so we can personally deal with our claims, that way we can be as quick as possible in process the claim and getting you and your beloved tablet back together.

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Online Portal

We have a quick and simple way of managing claims, and that's online, that's right we are down with the tech savvy kids, if anything happens to your tablet submit a claim online anytime!

Quick Decision-Making

If your tablet lost or stolen we'll dispatch a replacement as quick as a flash, we aim to have it with you within 1 working day upon approval of your claim.

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What is Tablet insurance?

As tablets become an increasingly important part of our daily lives, it becomes even more important to protect them. Tablet insurance does just that!

With Row tablet insurance we will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your tablet so you wouldn't have to worry about unexpected expensive repair costs.

We understand that your device keeps you connected to loved ones and the rest of the world so we aim to provide one of the most comprehensive cover on the market.

So what do we protect you against?

Accidental damage & theft - Our tablet insurance cover provides peace of mind against accidental damages, including things like a cracked screen - something that happens to many of us!

You can also make a claim in the unfortunate event that your tablet is stolen. Make sure you don't leave your device in a tempting place for thieves (leaving it on a bus or in a taxi for example); our insurance policies won't cover you for that.

Mechanical failure and liquid damage - Here at Row, we know that mechanical failings happen, including the dreaded blank tablet screen, any issues that are related to charging your device, and broken buttons. Our tablet insurance policy covers you against any mechanical breakdown issues.

As with the majority of other insurance providers, general wear and tear is not covered under our gadget insurance policies, but I'm sure that doesn't come as a surprise to you.

Your tablet model may or may not be waterproof, either way, if your device suffers any liquid damage, we've got you covered!

International and Worldwide cover - Wherever you are in the world you want to protect your tablet. With worldwide cover coming as standard, your tablet will have the protection you need with our policies.

You can be in different countries for up to 90 days and your device will still receive the same comprehensive level of cover as if you were in the UK.

We offer dedicated tablet insurance, this level of cover will most likely be greater than that provided through your travel insurance provider.

Damage to your device can ruin your holiday, don't let that happen to you! Row can take care of everything, remove that stress, and know that you're fully covered, wherever you are.

Why is Tablet cover important?

It is worth asking yourself if something was to happen to your tablet or device, could you afford to replace them outright immediately?

If you couldn't then insurance to cover your tablet is a superb option for you!

Having an insurance policy will allow you to relax, knowing that the tablet protection you have provides fantastic repair or replacement options.

Is insurance cover worth the cost?

While home insurance will take care of accidental damage, theft, and loss to your device. It doesn't begin to give you the level of cover that a dedicated tablet insurance policy does.

Let's say you're unfortunate and your tablet stops working, what happens? The standard manufacturer's warranty could see you left without your device for up to 28 days, could you really afford that? Contents insurance won't cover the repairs.

This is why tablet insurance is worth the price!

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a value for money service, that will go the extra mile to save you from those costly repair bills.

What's more, we go above and beyond extended warranty deals, you can claim multiple times over the course of one policy so we don't restrict you there either.

With each insurance policy we provide:

  • Unlimited repairs throughout the length of the policy
  • We will replace your device if it needs to be replaced
  • Super UK customer service centre
  • Ability to make a claim 24/7 through our online account management system
  • Low excess costs

How many tablets can be covered in one policy?

You can insure multiple devices with us, simply choose "Add Another Gadget" on the get a quote page.

To show you how much we appreciate it, we'll even give you 5% off for every additional device you insure

What types of tablets are covered in my gadget insurance?

We cover a wide variety of tablet, mobile phone, and gadget devices so if you can't see yours on our "Get a Quote" page, then please get in touch as we'll see what we can do!

What is the age limit for tablet insurance?

In order to benefit from our fantastic tablet insurance, you must be over 18 years of age.

How do I claim and is there any excess to pay?

The process of making a claim on your policy is very straight forward -intentionally so!

We look after as much of the process as we can, we want this to be quick and easy for you after all.

We do need you to contact our customer service team and we'll take it from there. A claim can be made through your online portal.

Our policy is to repair your device or offer you a replacement, whatever happens, we promise to always keep you in the loop!

There is an excess and this will need to be paid for we can process your claim.

  • £40 if your cover amount is £200 or less
  • £75 for any others
  • An additional £30 will be applied to claims of theft or loss as well as international claims and any claims made within the first 3 months.

Are there any exclusions in my insurance policy?

We have popped our main insurance cover exclusions below. If you want to read the full list, this can be found in our T&Cs, which is worthy of a read!

  1. We do not insure second-hand tablets. To have a valid policy with us, your device must be purchased brand new from a UK retailer. In addition to this, the retailer must be VAT registered. The device should be no more than 12 months old when the policy starts.
  2. A claim cannot be made within the first 14 days of when the policy starts. This is in place to limit the number of fraudulent claims, the upside to this is that it means we can keep our prices low!
  3. Claims made as a result of neglect or misuse will be unsuccessful.
  4. You must be over the age of 18 to take out a policy with us.

Are there any Hidden insurance Fees?

Absolutely not. We are upfront about our price.

Do I need this Tablet insurance?

I know we're a little biased but we believe we offer the best tablet insurance around!

From the price of as little as £1.49 per month, we can provide you with damage cover (including the ever-popular cracked screen), or replace your device if it's stolen or damaged beyond repair.

When you make a claim with us, we aim to fix you up with a replacement within 24 hours.

Why go anywhere else?

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