Top 10 Free Apps for Android & iOS

Okay, so one of the most annoying things in the world is finding an awesome app and then discovering your best mate, girlfriend/boyfriend or work colleague cant use it because theyre Android and youre iOS or vice versa. We cant promise to fix the underlying lack of compatibility in your meaningful relationships, but heres our round-up of the top ten apps that are available on both iOS and Android. 


Going out

YPlan. This, unlike so many entertainment apps, is curated. Why does that matter? Because somebody else weeds through those events nobody wants to attend to bring you the best of the best. And it gets better the more you use it, via a smart function that focuses on what you like. Final hit feature, you can integrate with your Facebook page to invite your mates via the app and iPhone users can store tickets bought in app in their iOS 6 Passbook.

Staying in

GoWatchIt. For movie mavens and geeks in particular, this app hunts down specific movies (Clerks, anyone?) through every TV channel, cinemas, Google, Xbox, Amazon Prime basically you name it, GoWatchIt will find you places to watch your cult cinematic joy. Alerts tell you when a particular film is available on a particular platform. Only downside?  The occasional discovery that your fave rave can now only be seen in Azerbaijan or Korea!



Best tech

Some of us are dedicated exercisers. For CrossFitters, serious athletes and those who need to really monitor their health, you cannot beat Polar Beat. Disclaimer - while the app is free, you do need a Bluetooth connected chest strap to monitor your heart rate data. But we have never found anything that matches the visual feedback that Polar Beat provides on your peak heart-rate zone. Reliable, visual, simple, usable - if you care about your heart health, this is the app of choice for you.

Best fun

For those who are exercise haters rather than exercise lovers, Zombies, Run! is the app of choice. More than 1,000,000 runners have already entered the zombie zone and become zombie defeating heroes. As you jog around the real world, you can be saving lives and destroying evil in the game world. There are in app purchases of course, but you can save yourself (and others) from Zombies, entirely for free of charge, on both Android and iOS.



The app that learns your likes

Zoosk is a top dating app for a reason - it learns your likes (and who likes you back) and starts to filter results so that you get a very personalised set of local singles this means that the special someone is more likely to make it to the top of your listings. For those who want to harness technology to improve their chances of a great relationship, Zoosk is a great contribution to online dating success.

The app that cuts out creeps

Fliqpic is a great app for those who really hate the lying ways of online daters. Is she really sporty or did she photoshop herself onto that surfboard? Does he really drive a Maserati or did he just find one to lean against for that profile photo? Fliqpic allows live video chatting prior to meeting up so you can spot liars, exaggerators and slimy catfishers. Connections are more meaningful, relationships are more tangible and people who post ten year out-of-date profile pics are instantly weeded out!



The money sharing app

PayFriendz - the easy way to stay friends around money. We love apps that let us pay our way securely - we also love apps that let us get money from our mates for stuff we paid for, because nobody, but nobody, likes a freeloader. But getting good integration with banks etc can be tricky. Enter PayFriendz - compliant with all UK e-money regs, fund holding with HSBC and working with global players like MasterCard to deliver an app that means we can all feel good about paying our share after a mates night out.

The money saving app

The app Your Wealth is free, although if you want to integrate your bank accounts theres an annual fee. We love it because you get to put in all your payments (rent, mortgage, gas and electric etc) and then set spending limits for other things, as well as goals to reach. What makes it really special though, is the pensions calculator which de-mystifies when to start saving and how much to ensure a decent later life - awesome!



When cool is more important than cheap

Hipmunk finds the right flight for you, not just the cheapest one. So if you hate stopovers, or love redeye, adore morning flights or detest getting up before noon, Hipmunk filters for your preferences, not just for cost. You can pre-select airlines or stopover points, cut out morning flights or make them a priority - also it has a cute Hipmunk logo which we think is a plus point as it makes the misery of filtering flights a whole lot more fun!

When you have to hit the ground running

We love Entrain - created by Uni of Michigan boffins, it monitors your personal circadian clock via your smartphone and works out when you should adjust light levels so that you move your sleeping schedule to align with your destination. Result? Much less jet lag! And that means enjoying every minute of your trip to the full, whether youre pitching a product, riding a roller-coaster or climbing a mountain for charity.

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