4 reasons you need insurance for your camera

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all patiently waiting for the big day (well, trying to). Living in a world ruled by technology, it’s likely you’ll receive something electronic this Christmas. [More]

How to prevent an ant infestation

Ants are one of the most common insects in the world. There are over 20 ant species found in Great Britain alone and there are thousands of others that are scattered across the world... [More]
After signing a tenancy agreement, a landlord checks off a list of tasks to ascertain having a healthy relationship with their tenants. The key purpose behind this is to provide them with a space that is convenient to live in, while ensuring measures to keep the property safe from all the possible contingencies. [More]
Having a rat infestation at home can make everything upside down and can put everyone in a state of anxiety. Rats chew on everything so even if you hide all the food away, don’t be surprised to have any socks, wires or wooden furniture to be nibbled on. It is really important for you to eliminate any rodent infestation in your home because of hygiene reasons. Do you know that their excrement is poisonous? You want to get rid of it but want to do it in the most humane way possible. Here are some easy ways to get rid of this pesky rodent: [More]

How to Bleed a Radiator

There is a ‘bleed valve’ originated on top of either side of the radiator to which the radiator key is fit and rotated anti-clockwise. [More]
Nobody likes to deal with pests in their home, it causes stress, you waste a lot of time trying to get rid of them, and it costs money to get them removed. Find out how to successfully wipe off the existence of vermin and pests in your home. [More]
If you have an expensive smartphone then the best way to save its energy is to close all apps when you are not using them. This protects the battery from depleting really quickly and you don’t have to charge it more often. Read on to know how to save energy while using your electronic devices... [More]