5 reasons to insure your boiler

If you own your own home, taking care of your boiler should be top of your priority list. Keeping the boiler serviced, the pipes descaled, and watching out for low pressure will all keep the boiler working well. [More]
TVs have always been expensive, but there’s a huge range between the most basic sets and the latest smart TVs. If you’re into 4K content, and you want to have access to streaming services, you could easily splash out a four-figure sum on your perfect TV. Likewise, gamers are typically very picky about the displays they use. [More]
Portable devices are prone to issues, particularly when they’re used outside the home. It just takes one drop, or badly-packed suitcase, to cause damage to the delicate components in a tablet. But they also prove invaluable in airports, or on long car journeys, for watching movies or entertaining the kids. [More]
If you have a “waterproof” phone, you probably assume that you can use your phone in the sea, or a pool, without worrying about damage. Most of the big manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung, have at least one device in their range that is marketed as being “waterproof” and therefore safe to use in water. [More]
A house may experience roofing problems over a period of time due to various factors -- such as being old, facing harsh weather, natural disasters or accidents. But sometimes we don’t notice them until it is too late to fix them. Unfortunately, roofing defects are quite costly to repair so it is better to keep an eye on the different areas of your home by doing a thorough inspection every now and then. Here are the most common problems that you need to look out for as it just might be your roof trying to tell you something [More]

4 reasons you need insurance for your camera

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all patiently waiting for the big day (well, trying to). Living in a world ruled by technology, it’s likely you’ll receive something electronic this Christmas. [More]

How to prevent an ant infestation

Ants are one of the most common insects in the world. There are over 20 ant species found in Great Britain alone and there are thousands of others that are scattered across the world... [More]