Most Common Places To Leave Your Phone

Losing your phone is a common headache in the UK. Where are the most common places to lose your phone? 

According to mobile security company, Lookout, the top 10 worst places to lose your phone, based on chance of recovery, are:

10. Purse (95-100% chance of recovery) 
9. Restaurant / Bar (80-95% chance) 
8. Roof of your car (25-75% chance) 
7. Changing room (0-15% chance) 
6. Airport security (50-100% chance) 
5. School (15-75% chance) 
4. Bus (0-2% chance) 
3. Airplane (0-15% chance) 
2. Taxi (0-15% chance) 
1. Swimming pool (50-75% chance but 0-5% chance it’ll work again) 

Click here to see the infographic in full – which illustrates the most common places where people lose their device. Airplane seat pockets, taxis and buses are among the most likely place. 

According to Tracking Mobile, 10 mobile phones are lost, stolen or damaged in the UK every minute! If that’s not incentive enough to insure your phone, then here’s another one for you – from as little as £1.49, you can protect against accidental damage, loss and theft. 

The best protection against losing your phone is smartphone insurance. Make sure you’re protected… just in case you happen to leave your phone in one of these places! Click here to get a quote with us today.

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