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Yes, Microwave Appliance Cover is dull. But we'll make it fun(ish)...! Plus we have a great little product from just £1.49 a month 

We cover those 'OH DUCK' moments

Microwaves can be very costly to repair so it's a good idea to be covered by an insurance policy. The last thing you want is for your microwave to pack in; it's extremely stressful and the thought that you might have to fork out for a new microwave is enough to make anyone despair. So, why not prevent spending this amount of money and get inexpensive insurance for your home instead?

Worried about your microwave breaking down?

Have peace of mind for those eventualities with Row.co.uk:

  • Blue tickMultiple repairs every year for your microwave
  • Blue tickBrand New Replacements when you need one
  • Blue tickDedicated, UK based customer service
  • Blue tick24/7 online claims and account management
  • Blue tickLow excess

I saved over £20 per month compared with D&G for the exact same level of cover.


Getting an online quote was easy, the price was almost half what we paid with my previous supplier.


Can't recommend enough for ease of use, low prices and helpful service


I saved over £55 per month on my 7 appliances and 1 gadget!


Why choose Row.co.uk

Microwaves can be expensive to buy and can be very costly to repair. We offer a range of cover levels and prices designed to suit your pocket as well as your microwave. No matter what your microwave is, we have the perfect cover for you. We'll save you money, time and effort with our slick cover. Our microwave insurance covers mechanical and electrical breakdown as well as accidental damage. You can buy online today and stop worrying about expensive microwave repairs straight away!

  • White tickLow Cost
  • White tickFlexible Payments
  • White tickMake Multiple Claims^
  • White tickLow Excesses
  • White tick14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • White tickUp To 20% Discount*
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What is Microwave insurance cover?

Our microwave insurance is a type of home emergency assist insurance. It provides cover for your appliance in the event of accidental damage. For most of us, a microwave is a crucial home appliance in the kitchen. You probably use it on a daily basis so it's important to make sure that it's insured.

You don't want to be landed with expensive repair bills, so microwave cover is always a good idea. When you choose to be a customer of ours, you can rest assured that you're in good hands! With our cover, you'll receive repairs whenever your appliance requires it, and we'll provide new replacements if needed.

Our microwave insurance provides a specific cover for your appliance, meaning you get a tailored policy aimed at microwaves. Never worry about repair bills or expensive replacements again! Why not give us a call and see how we can help you?

Why is Microwave appliance cover important?

We all have those days where we just want a quick and easy meal and a microwave is a perfect solution! You may be under the impression that microwaves are fairly cheap to repair, but unfortunately, you'd be wrong. That may have been the case years ago, but these days you can end up paying prices through the roof for it!

Buying a new microwave could set you back a few hundred pounds too, so you'll never regret taking out our microwave appliance insurance! We think everyone should have access to good quality, reliable policies. That's why we offer cheap cover with quotes that are quick and easy to obtain.

If you'd like any more information on our policies or terms and conditions, feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call, they'd be happy to help!

Do I need home appliance insurance?

Imagine if one of your main home appliances suffered an electrical breakdown or accidental damage, would you be able to afford the repair bills? Having reliable cover for your appliances will give you peace of mind and reassurance. If anything goes wrong, you're covered!

We understand it can be confusing when taking out a new policy. There are many different cover types and some companies won't insure appliances that are over a certain age, usually 8-10 years old. Others have hidden charges which can result in some nasty surprises!

With our home appliance insurance policy, there are no hidden costs and you'll have cover for accidental damage and any breakdowns of up to £2000! We'll provide repairs and even replace your appliances if they're beyond help. Even better, your policy covers parts, labour, and any call outs!

Some insurance policies can come with eye-watering rates, but with our home appliance insurance, you can save yourself money each month! Low prices, low excesses, and flexible payment plans make our home appliance cover an essential buy!

We cover a wide range of household appliances, from fridge freezers to washing machines. Unfortunately, appliances don't work perfectly forever and inevitably they will breakdown or develop problems. Make sure you're prepared with our dependable appliance policies!

At Row, we're approved and regulated by the financial conduct authority and fully registered in England and Wales. Because of this, you can be sure you're choosing to insure your appliances with a trustworthy and reliable company!

Is Microwave cover worth the cost?

With our competitively cheap prices, microwave cover is definitely worth it! Considering how much money you could save on expensive repair bills, opting for our insurance policies will be an incredibly wise decision!

By having our appliance cover, you can be safe in the knowledge that if your appliance suffers any breakdowns, from water damage to accidental harm, we've got you covered!

We're super proud of the excellent reviews we've received from happy customers, why not take a look and see for yourself? With our great prices, it's a case of, you can't afford not to take out our cover!

Don't get caught out! Your microwave is an essential kitchen appliance and you may not realise how much you rely on it until it breaks down! Your manufacturer's warranty may not cover everything, but with our reliable policies, you'll benefit from everything from breakdown cover to water damage cover!

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