5 Helpful Christmas Shopping Apps

With it quickly coming up to Christmas, many of us have lots of presents to buy for our friends and family. Sometimes, unfortunately, it can get difficult to keep track of ideas and get organised for the occasion. We thought it would be helpful to all you lovely people out there if we went on the hunt for some Christmas shopping apps to get you on top of things.

Manage Christmas

A well designed app to help with your Christmas list! Firstly, you need to add the names of the people you are looking to buy gifts for (you can even add a budget for each person). When your list is complete, the app gives you the option to write a description of the gift and from what shop it’s from. You’re able to list that item as “Not Bought” or “Bought”, and you can also list the gifts as “Wrapped” or “Sent”. The Gifts tab shows all the names and presents, so you have the ability to quickly run through them and see if everything has either been bought, wrapped or sent.

One of the best aspects of this app is secrecy - you can put a password on it so that no nosy family members can have a sneak peek! Finally. If you're stuck when deciding what presents to buy, the gifts tab has plenty of categories you can scroll through, giving you a strong chance of finding something great.
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Gift It

A funky illustrated Christmas list app - very simple but completely to the point.

The main aspect is, of course, the “My List” or “New List” options. The list is easy to use; include your budget along with all the names of family and friends you have to buy gifts for with a budgeted amount allocated to each person. The settings option gives you the ability to change the way you complete a task or how the progress of those tasks look.

When selecting a name, you can add a gift and swipe to cross that gift out when it’s been purchased. Once all gifts have been purchased, the name on the main list will highlight green instead of red. Unfortunately, not everything is given to you on a silver plate and this app does include advertisements which pop up quite frequently. You also need to pay to get more features.

This would be a great app if it wasn't overloaded with advertisements. It also seems so unnecessary to request more money to upgrade and get a password or remove the ads, when there are other competitor apps which have all this included for free.

Rating: ☆☆

Xmas Budget

Simple, nice design and plenty of options to choose from. First of all, you have to create a username and within the profile creation you get to create a 4-digit pin which will act as protection from any sneaky ones trying to find out what you’re getting them. If, by chance, you forget your pin it can be recovered by writing a question and answer. Once your username is created, you can start adding names to your list along with a rough budget.

Each name has an internal list so that you can add any ideas and gifts you have in mind. Once an item has been purchased or wrapped, you can tick the box and if all the items you have under a name are complete, you can tick that name off your list. This app has some interesting statistics which are located in a tab along the bottom menu. These shows things like your budget status, what the most expensive gift is that you’ve purchased etc. which can be handy.

This app is one that includes advertisements but they don’t show on a page, they just pop up from time to time.
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Gift List

Easy to use Christmas Shopping app ‘Gift List’ will help you get the job done this season. Each name on the list can be created separately and even a photo can be included. When creating the separate user you have the option to include the individual budget and add the list of gifts from there too.

Along the bottom menu you will find tabs like “Gifts”. This shows the names of gifts you look to purchase for people and how many of those have been bought. Also on the menu, at the footer of the app, is “Progress”. Available on this is your total budget and how much you have spent, a countdown to Christmas and a cool pie chart to show the amount of gifts that have/haven’t been purchased. Within the settings of the app you can find a passcode to keep away the cheeky few who don’t like secrets.

Just like many apps nowadays, you have the opportunity to upgrade. With Gift List you can sync lists between iDevices, archive gifts from the past years and take away the advertisements. However to be honest, the free app is fine and upgrading isn't really necessary. 

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Christmas Gifts Manager

Not much to it, but easy to use. Christmas Gifts Manager is a simple design, but offers just what you need, the ability to add names of people you want to purchase presents for and align them in a list.

There isn’t any budgeting like there is in some of the other apps, but this one does show a total amount of how much you’ve spent on each individual. The main menu list shows how many days to Christmas and how many gifts there are left to buy or how many people you still need to buy for.

One cool feature we haven’t seen on other apps in this category before is the “World Gifts Feed”. This shows a real time list of what people have purchased from places all over. So if you’re trying to get some last minute ideas, this feature may be your saviour!

Of course, like many other Christmas shopping apps, it has a password included, available in settings. 
If you want to avoid advertisements, you can update to premium (also unlocks all avatars) 

Rating: ☆☆☆

We hope these suggestions make everything a lot easier when it comes to buying presents this Christmas!

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