Best Breakdown Cover This Year Tips and Tricks

Breakdown cover - it’s yet another expense that pushes the already heavy cost burden of running a car higher still. Yet it is also something that millions of motorists conclude they cannot do without.


Why? Because the cost of breaking down and having to pay for emergency rescue and repair straight out of your own pocket without cover is considerably steeper. It’s that simple.


But that’s not to say that people shouldn’t be careful about how they spend their money on breakdown cover. Let’s face it, every penny we can save on motoring is a bonus. We also want to make sure we are paying for a service that will actually meet our needs if and when we call on it.


So if you are shopping around for breakdown cover, here are some things to consider to make sure you get the right service for you at the best possible value.

Location, location, location

No, we’ve not just veered off into a property blog. It might seem strange, but location is a key thing to think about when choosing breakdown cover - meaning, where your car is most likely to fail on you.


According to Which?, the most common location for a breakdown service to attend is a motorists’ own home, accounting for 37% of all call outs. And yet the most basic roadside assistance policies do not cover home start. So if there is a one in three chance of your car being on your own driveway when you have to call out a mechanic, are you getting good value from taking out the cheapest available option?

You get what you pay for - but do you need it?

Paying less for basic roadside assistance may well turn out to be a false economy if you wake up one morning and your car won’t start. Things get even worse if you break down a long way from home. With roadside assistance only, the average cost of a call out more than 100 miles from home is nearly double that of getting your car started on your own driveway.


This takes into account the fact that, with the most basic plans, you will only be towed to a local garage, and if your vehicle can’t be fixed immediately, you then have to factor in overnight accommodation or getting a train or bus home.


More comprehensive ‘national recovery’ policies will include the option of towing you home, towing you to your onward destination or even paying for accommodation or for a hire car while your vehicle is fixed. This is all very attractive, but it comes at a price. If you very rarely drive more than 100 miles from home, are you paying more for benefits you may never need?


In other words, the message is to match your breakdown cover to your motoring habits.

Do your research

Reading customer reviews online is a great way to get an understanding of what a particular service actually provides, rather than just being bombarded with all the marketing spiel on the sales pages. One thing in particular to look out for is response times, as genuine customers will tend to be very complimentary about how quick someone got to them when they broke down, or else very annoyed at how long they were left waiting.


Obviously a fast response is something we all want from a breakdown service, so a straw poll of user reviews can be very helpful in picking out the quickest service.

Save yourself some money

Finally, back to your pocket. There are some good tips for clawing back a bit of value from your breakdown cover aside from trawling through online comparison sites and choosing a lower level of cover.


For one, many providers will offer discounts for paying a full year in advance rather than monthly, so if you have the ready cash this is a good option. It is also worthwhile comparing the price of standalone breakdown services and add-ons to your existing car insurance. Your normal insurance provider may surprise you with a great value add-on offer to your standard policy, but beware - it is not unknown for these add-ons to be more expensive than standalone deals sold by the same company!

Whatever you do, check out all pricing options thoroughly before you commit.


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