You cannot deny it! The Apple Watch is an innovative piece of gadget introduced in 2015 and it is currently one of the best smartwatches available in the market. However, as with any new device, it is far from being perfect. It has its share of annoying problems that ruin any user’s experience. Such problems are quite common in the first generation of any new gadget; however, there are a few fixes and workarounds.

Here are the top 3 issues encountered while using Apple Watch.

1.    Bluetooth Keeps Disconnecting

A very common glitch present in Apple Watch; either the Bluetooth does not connect or it disconnects in the middle. In most cases, your Apple Watch will disconnect from your iPhone even if they are close to each other. At other times, your headphones will have trouble connecting.

Possible solutions and workarounds are:

·       You can place your iPhone on the same side of your body as your Apple Watch or wear the watch on the other wrist.

·       You can sync your playlist on the watch itself and play the music from there, rather using the Bluetooth headphones.

·       Power off your watch and then power it on again.

·       Un-pair your Apple Watch from your iPhone through the Apple Watch app. Afterwards, establish a new connection.

·       Remove all data, settings, and content on the watch.

2.    Draining Battery

Another annoyance with Apple Watch is the ever draining battery. Although the battery is sufficient to last the day, you will need an occasional charge. Here are some fixes:

·       Put your watch in power saving mode by holding down the side button. A ‘Power Reserve’ option will appear; slide it towards the right.

·       Turn off any unnecessary notifications.

·       Reduce the brightness of the display.

·       Switch off the ‘Wrist Raise’ option in the settings menu to prevent the watch from waking up when you raise your wrist.

·       The heart rate sensor can be turned off through the watch app on your iPhone.

·       Switch off and turn on Apple Watch.

·       Erase all the data on the watch.

·       You can try determining which apps are the culprit and then removing them one by one. However, removing an app won’t delete it from the iPhone.


3.    The Watch Won’t Charge

In certain situations, Apple Watches will not charge. When this happens, don’t panic; rather wait for the charging symbol to appear as it takes some seconds on a new watch. But if it still doesn’t appear, do one of the following:

·       Remove any plastic attached to your watch or the charger.

·       Always use the original charger and lightning cable that came with your watch.

·       If your Apple Watch is in a case, remove it, and then try again.

·       If the wall outlet doesn’t work, connect the watch to your laptop or desktop computer.

·       Delete all content and data from your watch.

·       Do a hard reset; press the side button and the crown button together for about 10 seconds till the Apple logo pops up.

·       Try powering down the watch. Wait for a few minutes and then power it back on.

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