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We cover those 'OH DUCK' moments

Washer dryers can be very costly to repair so it's a good idea to be covered by an insurance policy. The last thing you want is for your washer dryer to pack in; it's extremely stressful and the thought that you might have to fork out for a new washer dryer is enough to make anyone despair. So, why not prevent spending this amount of money and get inexpensive insurance for your washer dryer instead?

Worried about your washer dryer breaking down?

Have peace of mind for those eventualities with Row.co.uk:

  • Blue tickMultiple repairs every year for your washer dryer
  • Blue tickBrand New Replacements when you need one
  • Blue tickDedicated, UK based customer service
  • Blue tick24/7 online claims and account management
  • Blue tickLow excess

I saved over £20 per month compared with D&G for the exact same level of cover.


Getting an online quote was easy, the price was almost half what we paid with my previous supplier.


Can't recommend enough for ease of use, low prices and helpful service


I saved over £55 per month on my 7 appliances and 1 gadget!


Why choose Row.co.uk

Washer Dryers can be expensive to buy and can be very costly to repair. We offer a range of cover levels and prices designed to suit your pocket as well as your washer dryer. No matter what your washer dryer is, we have the perfect cover for you. We'll save you money, time and effort with our slick cover. Our washer dryer insurance covers mechanical and electrical breakdown as well as accidental damage. You can buy online today and stop worrying about expensive washer dryer repairs straight away!

  • White tickLow Cost
  • White tickFlexible Payments
  • White tickMake Multiple Claims^
  • White tickLow Excesses
  • White tick14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • White tickUp To 20% Discount*
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What is washer dryer insurance?

Washer dryer insurance provides cover to your dryer specifically, meaning that the level of cover provided will be bespoke and perfect for the appliance.

You can make a claim on this insurance cover when the appliance fails, be that due to mechanical failure or even accidental damage - we've got you covered!

We do ask that your appliance is less than 8 years old to qualify for our insurance cover.

Why is washer dryer cover important?

Kitchen appliances are pricey and it's usually inconvenient when they fail; there's no getting around that. What we aim to do is provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home appliance is covered - no matter what.

The benefits of appliance cover far outweigh the cost and we'll tell you why!

Here at Row, we provide full breakdown cover up to the value of £2000, whether that is through a mechanical breakdown or the result of accidental damage.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best appliance insurance and that's why our insurance is so extensive. With our home appliance insurance, you won't need to worry about any aspect of the repair bill as we cover it all, including parts, labour, and the call out charge!

Our cost per month is very affordable and the protection we provide is way beyond what any extended warranty or home insurance can offer.

If your washing machine dryer fails and you haven't taken out an insurance service then you may regret that oversight and we don't want that!

Is insurance cover worth the cost?

The price of your washing machine dryer insurance will vary depending on the level of insurance you chose to take out and the company you insure with.

One thing you may find is that appliance insurance can be costly depending on the insurance provider.

But hey! Want to know something?

Home appliance insurance doesn't have to cost the earth each month...it shouldn't.

Our goal is to keep the price of kitchen appliance insurance as low as possible while maintaining our fantastic level of service!

The price of our washing machine appliance cover is less than a cup of coffee, at £1.49 a month! We feel confident in saying that when it comes to appliance insurance, you won't find a policy that is as comprehensive and as competitively priced as us!

To top off what we already know to be a great deal is that we offer multi appliance discount. If you choose to take out washing machine cover, or breakdown cover on your fridge freezer or tumble dryer then you can be eligible for a reduction in your policy payments of up to 20%!

We believe in offering more than an extended warranty package, so what does that mean for you?

Our benefits include:

  • Something we hope you won't need but you can make an unlimited number of claims and repairs over the duration of the policy
  • We promise a replacement on your home appliances if you need one
  • Our customer service centre based in the UK provides some of the best care for our customers
  • You can make a claim 27/4 through our insurance policies online portal. One way to make sure your claim process is started straight away
  • We keep our white goods excess low to continue giving you exceptional value

How many appliances can be covered in one policy?

You can insure a number of household appliances with us, below is a list of some of the most common appliances we cover - you can see we do much more than just washing machine dryers!

  • Washing Machines
  • Tumble Dryer
  • Cooker and Ovens (Including range cookers)
  • Dishwasher
  • Fridge freezer (including American style)
  • Many other white goods

Don't worry, if you can't see your home appliance on the list we may still be able to provide insurance cover, so please do get in touch!

We still want to be able to provide appliance breakdown cover at a great price, so we aren't shy about treating our loyal customers to a multi appliance discount!

What appliances are covered in washer dryer cover?

This cover is separate to our other types of breakdown cover, such as washing machine insurance.

In order to provide the best and most comprehensive insurance, we dedicate our washer dryer cover solely to washing machine dryers. This ensures quality with every policy.

What is the age limit for washer dryer insurance?

In order to benefit from our fantastic washing machine dryer insurance, you must be over 18 years of age. This is the same for any of our insurance policies.

How do I claim and is there any excess to pay?

When it comes to making a claim on your washing machine dryer insurance policy, things are very straight-forward.

Here at Row, we aim to handle as much of the claims process as possible. We understand that having an appliance breakdown is stressful enough so we want to take some of that stress away!

The step we ask you to take is to contact our customer service team or make a claim using your online portal on our website and we can do the rest!

The policy is to repair or replace your appliance, which we promise to do. We will always keep you in the loop with what is happening with your claim!

As with the majority (if not all) insurance providers, there is a small excess to pay.

  • £65 for appliances with a cover amount less than £500
  • £125 for any others.
  • Any claims that are made within the first 3 months of taking out breakdown cover will pay an additional £65. This is designed to reduce the number of fraudulent claims - ensuring your policy price is kept low!

Are there any exclusions in my insurance policy?

There are some exclusions on with the insurance policy, below is a list of our main ones. For a full list, check out our T&Cs, it's a good read!

  1. If you make a claim during the Exclusion Period, the excess must be paid before a claim can be processed.
  2. The cost of any claims that are relating to a level of insurance cover that has not been purchased - seems fair and reasonable, right?
  3. Cosmetic damage, this does include (though isn't limited to) wear and tear
  4. I'm sure you can understand this one, we won't cover your appliance if the damage is the result of abuse, misuse or neglect.

Are there any hidden insurance fees?

We can't speak for other insurance providers but we are proud to say there are no hidden fees with us!

All repair bills and other costs are covered within the price you pay.

Do I need this home appliance insurance for my washer dryer?

Yes! We are possibly a little biased but we believe our benefits and customer service is some of the best around (just check out our reviews!).

With contents insurance and home insurance not offering the same level of cover as we do and our unlimited number of repair or replacement promise, you can feel safe with us!

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