You’re about to go through the process of renewing your car insurance. You are quite happy with your current provider, once again they have shown they are willing to reward your loyalty with an attractive deal.

But then the agent you are speaking to stops - “Oh, just one moment. My records show you do not have breakdown cover on your current policy with us. Would you like me to add it now? It will cost an extra…”

You’re at a loss what to say. Do I want or need breakdown cover? What’s in it for me? Is it worth the extra? You know the agent is waiting for an answer, and being put on the spot like that, you don’t have the time to make a considered decision. You are inevitably going to blurt out ‘yes’ or ‘no’ without really knowing which is the right answer - and you might spend the rest of the year wondering about it.

So to save you getting flustered next time you are asked about breakdown cover, let’s get to the bottom of things right now - is it really as important as everyone says it is, and should your answer be an automatic ‘yes’?

Paying for peace of mind

The easiest way to answer whether or not breakdown cover is important to you or not is to consider a situation where your vehicle does break down one day, or you go to use it one morning and it won’t start.

What would you prefer to happen? You have to start searching for an on-call repair service there and then, and pay whatever it is they choose to charge you to get your car started / tow you to a garage / tell you that your vehicle is beyond saving?

Or would it be better if you could just dial a number for a service you have already paid for, and they send out someone to give you whatever help you need, without any extra cost?

If you are one of the majority of people who like the sound of the second option better, then you have answered why breakdown cover is important. We might not like the idea of paying more for our car insurance. But if that little bit extra on your premium means peace of mind should your car fail you, a swift, responsive service wherever you happen to be and - the real deal clincher - it will actually save you money compared to paying for emergency rescue and repair once you have broken down, it is surely money very well spent. 

Of course, taking out breakdown cover through your insurance provider isn’t the only option available. You could sign up for a ‘motoring club’ service like those provided by the AA, RAC and Green Flag. That really comes down to comparing prices and deciding which sounds the most attractive to you. But when you consider that most insurance firms offering breakdown cover are probably working in partnership with one of the big roadside recovery providers, it might seem simpler just to play for everything as part of a single service.

car breakdown recovery on side of road broken down car in countryside

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