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As your business grows, so does the threat of data security breaches, either accidental or malicious. Your business data is critical to the day-to-day running of your business – so what can you do to protect it? 

A recent Samsung study revealed that millenials aged between 20-33 expect a certain amount of flexibility in using their mobile phone at work. They believe that their smartphone and/or tablet is an important part of a ‘mobile office’ where we should no longer be confined to a nine-to-five schedule. 78% claimed they would prefer greater mobile use at work. This is something that will inevitably happen – especially as schools are now training pupils how to use smartphones, laptops and tablets. The time has arrived for businesses to join the mobile world whole-heartedly. 

We understand the importance of mobile communication for businesses – it’s imperative in order for you to look after your customers wherever you are. Placing mobility at the heart of your business permits you to provide great customer service whether you’re in the office or not. It also enables you to share information on the go and reduces costs in administration. 

Portable devices are being increasingly used to sell, advertise, find new markets, communicate with clients and suppliers and carry out financial transactions. The growing mix of smartphones and tablets that double up for business and personal use are among the most difficult company assets to manage and protect. And so, with the benefits of using mobile devices in the workplace, comes a multitude of potential dangers. 

If a business mobile phone goes missing, not only is the employee’s personal information at risk, but also company emails, messages, videos and client contact information, client access codes and log-ins are all under threat of being exposed. It’s worth investing in a security strategy for the data stored within portable devices used in your business. We recommend that you: 

• Conduct a security audit – start by analysing where your data is stored and whether this can be accessed by both business and personal apps. 
• Make staff aware of their role – ensure that every team member understands the important role they play in the security of the company’s data. 
• Use strong passwords – ensure that all business apps use strong and multiple passwords to protect data. 
• Back up your data – this should be backed up regularly. 

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