Apple Fanatics - Poll Results

Last week we visited two London based Apple stores, Regents Street and Covent Garden for the launch of the new iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, whilst we were there we got chatting to some of the folk in the queue. Many also took part in our iPhone 6 questionnaire and the results were fascinating.

A massive 48% of people said they were buying the new iPhone 6 because they love Apple and only 24% of people said they were buying it because of the new features, including its size, now that’s not something you would see with any other smartphone brand!

Since thousands of Apple fans are quite willingly queuing up to spend over £600 on the new phone, we wondered how they intended to look after it and how they would feel if anything was to happen to it. This is where we really delved into what the iPhone 6 means to the Apple fanatics. We asked ‘what would you do if you had your new phone stolen?’ a hefty 19% of people said they would cry and 22% of people would buy a new iPhone without thinking twice, followed by a sensible 44% who said they would call their insurer.

We then moved on to the real nitty-gritty, where we asked what attributes they look for in a gadget insurer, we found that a whopping 49% agreed that the speed of replacement was the most important attribute whilst 26% said price.

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