How different can one Apple Watch model be to the next? We all know what the score is with new iPhone releases - a faster chip, a bigger/more responsive screen, clever new camera features and so on.

But how much innovation can be packed into something the size of a smartwatch? Is it worth paying more for the most up-to-date model, or can you get much the same performance for less money by opting for an older one?

Here we run through the key features of the Apple Watch Series 3, 4 and 5 to help you make up your own mind.

Apple Watch Series 3

So let’s start with the oldest and the cheapest - the one you will probably start with if you are shopping on a budget. At between £150 and £200, the Series 3 is still a sizeable investment in a piece of wearable tech, so are you getting your money’s worth with the features on offer?

The broad answer is, yes. The Apple Watch Series 3 is by any standards a very decent smart watch. If you’re primarily looking for fitness tracker functionality, the Series 3 does everything the Series 5 does in that regard. It also offers the same battery life, the same water resistance to a depth of 50m, and the same connectivity to your smartphone.

What the Series 3 doesn’t have is direct cellular connectivity, so you can’t message friends or check the weather if you don’t have your phone on you. It also has only 8GB of storage - half what the Series 4 has - which means less choice of music to accompany you on your run.

Another thing to consider with the Series 3 is that, for all its value, it is next in line for Apple to stop technical support, so you may end up stuck with a watch you can’t get updates for.

Apple Watch Series 4

Compared to the Series 3, the main upgrades Apple made with the Series 4 were a bigger screen, better safety features, LTE (4G) connectivity and, as mentioned, more storage.

Of these, the increase in screen size was a big improvement in terms of day-to-day functionality, as it just makes the touchscreen that much easier to operate. In addition, LTE connectivity means you don’t have to have your phone on you to use data features.

It should also be pointed out that the Series 4 doesn’t represent that much more of an investment than the Series 3 these days - you can easily pick one up for just over £200.

Apple Watch Series 5

From looks alone, it is hard to tell the Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 4 apart - Apple stuck with the same shape and dimensions. So what upgrades in tech features and functions makes it worth the additional £100 or so you’d have to fork out for a Series 5?

The biggest change with the Series 5 is the Always On display, meaning you don’t have to lift your arm or touch the screen to view it. Storage capacity is doubled again to 32GB, which translates to a pretty massive music library, and also offers LTE connectivity. But apart from that, most of the other features are the same, apart from the Series 5 offers a compass to go with the GPS mapping and altimeter - although some types of band apparently interfere with the compass’s accuracy!

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