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Whether you’re using your mobile phone for personal or business use, insurance is important for such a device as accidents are very common, and paying out for a new, expensive smartphone may leave a hole in your pocket. Whether your drop it in a puddle or accidentally sit on it, you’re going to want to be covered.

Luckily, at Row we offer affordable, comprehensive mobile phone insurance for a vast range of mobile phones, which is worth every penny. We can protect you against mechanical, accidental and liquid damage and also theft and loss**, all from as little as £1.49! On top of all these great features of our policies, if you make a claim, we always aim to get a replacement for your phone to your door within 24 hours^^, so you can keep in contact with the world. Really, is there much more you could want?

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  • 24 Hour Replacement^^
  • Accidental Damage & Breakdown
  • Screen & Liquid Damage
  • Theft, Loss & Unauthorised Calls**
  • Cracked Screens
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24 Hour Service

24 Hour Replacement

Cover your gadgets with us and we aim to flutter a replacement to you within 24 hours if you make a claim.^^

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No matter who you are, making sure that disaster doesn't befall your phone isn't always easy. So our mobile phone insurance is designed to give you the best protection available at the most competitive cost. Whatever your lifestyle (...!), we've got every eventuality covered, from only £1.49 per month (or equivalent to just £1.41 a month when you pay annually!)

With cover starting at only £1.41 per month when paying annually, you don't have to dig deep to protect your mobile phone. Unlike lots of other mobile phone insurance companies, we reduce the price by 5% for every extra gadget you want to cover with up to 15% off, even 20% if you choose to pay annually, which is a saving bigger than the EIFFEL TOWER! So why not spread the love and insure all your family member's mobile phones as well!

Your mobile phone is essential to keeping you connected, which is why we offer our mobile phone insurance to protect against accidental damage, breakdown, theft or loss. We know how valuable your mobile phone is to you; keep he/she/it safe! Our insurance is designed to offer the greatest cover at a minimal price. So if you want to keep your mobile phone protected then sign up online today, it's easy. Do it. Do it now!

Unlike lots of other mobile phone insurance companies, we actually deal with everything from when you sign up through to when you claim. We don't just pass you to a third party and forget about you. We love and cherish you and your mobile! Check other provider's terms to see who will actually deal with your claim before you sign up.

Online Portal

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We have an online claims process where you can submit a claim at anytime, not being constrained by opening hours means we are able to manage our claims well, it also is a really simple process for our customers to follow.

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We also offer a 24-hour replacement service and so if your gadget is lost or stolen we'll dispatch a replacement, we aim to have it with you within 24 hours of your claim being approved, YAY!

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  • Get up to 20% off – protect all of your gadgets & appliances and get a 20% discount when you sign up to an annual payment with 4 or more items*
  • Make More Than One Claim - unlike many other insurance providers, we allow you to make up to 3 claims per year^ because we know mishaps happen more than once
  • Fast Claims - once we approve your claim we aim to get you a replacement gadget in your hands within 24 hrs if it's lost or stolen, or if it's been damaged, we aim to get it back to you fully repaired within 3 working days once we receive your gadget. For appliances we aim to get an engineer to your door within 48 hours once we've approved your claim
  • Worldwide Gadget Cover - for phone protection and peace of mind wherever your travels take you
  • Payments Made Easy - choose convenient annual or monthly payments to suit you and your pocket
  • Stolen Gadgets - we'll keep you connected if thieves take a fancy to your mobile phone**
  • Loss - Don't worry, you're covered when you select the 'loss option'** when you insure your gadgets with us
  • Unauthorised Calls - we pay up to £1000 in unauthorised calls so you're not left footing the bill**
  • Accidental Damage & Breakdown - Whoops! We'll sort those mishaps for you and pick up where the manufacturer left off

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