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Gas boiler and central heating insurance for your property portfolio.

We cover those 'OH DUCK' moments

If you're a landlord looking for affordable and reliable boiler cover for your properties, you've come to the right place. At Row, we specialise in comprehensive landlord boiler cover that won't leave you high and dry when you need some repairs.

Finding a quality provider for landlord cover can be difficult, especially if you manage multiple properties. Our aim is to simplify the process and help you find a landlord insurance policy that works for you.

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    Up to £2,500 per individual claim

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Gas boiler and central heating insurance for your property portfolios

Require landlord insurance for boiler repairs and intermittent faults? Need trusted gas safe engineers to undertake your annual boiler service? Keep your rented properties heated and your tenants smiling with our affordable boiler cover. You can choose from two levels of comprehensive protection, covering your boiler and heating controls up to £1,500 for repairs.

Read on to find out more about the services we offer and how you can get yourself safely covered today.

I saved over £20 per month compared with D&G for the exact same level of cover.


Getting an online quote was easy, the price was almost half what we paid with my previous supplier.


Can't recommend enough for ease of use, low prices and helpful service


I saved over £55 per month on my 7 appliances and 1 gadget!


We're like ducks in water when it comes to repairs

We've been protecting home appliances for years, so boiler cover seemed a natural progression. Our affordable and comprehensive boiler insurance protects you against expensive breakdowns. For a small monthly cost, you have access to our wonderful team who can call out a gas safe boiler repair engineer to get your property back up and running.

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Why choose us for your Landlord Boiler Coverage

Why Insure

Our Landlord Cover (underwritten by Allianz Global Assistance and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) is designed to insure your rental property against unexpected heating emergencies and prevent costly call out charges which you'd likely encounter from using standard repair engineers. Guard your property's heating system with's affordable landlord insurance to keep stressful situations calm and avoid unnecessarily forking out tons of cash.

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How Much

Our boiler insurance starts from just £24.99 a month; not a lot to give you peace of mind is it? We have worked hard to ensure you get incredible prices, especially when you think most heating engineers charge hefty call-out fees of up to £90!

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Why Us

Unbeatable Customer Care: BAM! Your boiler just gave up on your tenants during the cold winter months. Have no fear though; our customers say we're superb! Our friendly team is based in sunny Bournemouth so you'll always deal with someone happy from the UK to help with any difficulties. We understand that when you need support you don't want to be waiting!

Browse our terms, check out our prices, see our online reviews and you'll see that we cannot be beaten.

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One of The UK's Largest Repair Networks: When it comes to landlord property repairs, we're like ducks in water! We've been doing this for many years and have contracts with network, manufacturer, and manufacturer-approved engineers right across the UK.

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How To Claim

Claims in a Flash!

For us to make a quick decision on your landlord boiler claim just click a few buttons in our online portal. We make everything super easy in your time of need. We may ask you to provide any relevant documents we need like proof of purchase, but this is all explained in our terms.

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What does your landlord Boiler cover include?

Our Landlord Boiler Cover is designed to deal with a variety of different problems that might arise with your boiler. These problems range from small issues to a more complex boiler breakdown, so you can be sure that our comprehensive plan will always have you covered.

Specifically, repairs for the gas boiler, central heating system, electrical supply, and water supply are all included.

We also offer other, separate landlord cover options that might be of interest to any property owner who wants to keep themselves protected. These are our Landlord Home Emergency and Appliance Insurance plans. We've included a little bit of information about both of them below.

Landlord Home Emergency

The Landlord Home Emergency plan is specifically designed for those unexpected issues that can be an absolute nightmare to sort out. This includes burst pipes, central heating plumbing issues and lost keys.

Any landlord will tell you how stressful these emergencies can be, so it's great to have a plan in place before anything happens. The fact that our Landlord Home Emergency plan covers central heating emergencies is particularly important - you don't want the central heating to fail on your tenants in those cold winter months.

Appliance Insurance

We also have an Appliance Insurance plan available. This plan allows landlords to protect appliances in their properties against accidental damage and breakdown. We offer up to £2000 for repairs, and take care of all necessary parts, labour, and call-out fees.

Row and all of our policies are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can be sure your coverage will be reliable and cost-effective.

Landlord's Boiler Service and Gas Safety Certificate

We also offer annual boiler services and a gas safety certificate as part of our premiums. This gives you one less thing to think about, and you always know exactly where you are up to with regards to your boiler and central heating health.

A regular boiler service means you are much less likely to run into boiler problems over the year. As a result, you'll have to claim less often on your insurance and you can keep your premium down. The same applies for the gas safety certificate.

Considerations Choosing Cover?

When you're deciding on a provider for your boiler and central heating cover, there's always a few things you should consider. Taking the time to make these considerations will guarantee that you invest in a policy that is perfect for you and your properties.

You should never rush the process of choosing your cover. Buying the wrong one could result in a lot of unnecessary expense and will present some problems when you come to make a claim.

Below you'll find the considerations you should make when faced with this difficult decision. We'd recommend carefully thinking about each one and choosing your cover based on these thoughts.

What does my insurance cover?

By far the most important thing to think about is what the insurance policy is actually going to cover. Landlord policies vary dramatically between insurance companies and will all have different levels of coverage.

Insurance providers will probably also have various different plans which you'll have to investigate in order to work out what you need. For example, at Row we have three different landlord policies, each offering different things that landlords need.

Although the cost of the cover is important, a higher priority should always be given to the amount of coverage you'll be getting for your money. A policy that has a higher cost per month but more coverage is usually a better buy than a cheaper option with less coverage.

Cover exclusions

As well as looking at what a policy does cover, it's always worth ensuring you know exactly what is excluded. You don't want to be in a situation where an insurance company doesn't cover a very expensive repair and you have to pay it out of your own pocket.

It's worth noting that most companies will typically exclude a boiler breakdown that is the result of the boiler being old. This is often referred to as a "wear and tear" failure. If you worry this might happen to you, it might be worth considering upgrading your boiler before choosing a policy.

Gas safety certificate

A lot of the best providers will include a gas safety certificate as part of the initial policy implementation. They will usually send a team to your property and make sure the gas supply is up to scratch. You can then use this certificate in your advertising to attract potential tenants.

Fully trained boiler engineers will check for important "gas safe" procedures, and ensure there is no chance of carbon monoxide pollution inside your properties.

Annual boiler service

Look out for providers that throw in an annual boiler service as part of your premium. This allows you to save money on getting it done yourself, and takes another stress off your shoulders. Of course, this is great for your tenants as well, who will know that their boiler is being well looked after and their central heating is reliable.

Having a regular boiler service also makes it easier to fix if any problems do develop. Plumbers will have a much easier time working out if the issues are coming from the boiler or something else, such as the central heating system.

How do I claim on my boiler insurance?

If you're unfortunate enough to run into a problem with your boiler and have to call out a plumber for a fix, then you'll be wondering how you can claim this back from your insurance company.

Making a claim with Row could not be easier. We'll take care of the process from start to finish, so you don't have to stress about it.

We'll confirm that the work you need doing is covered by your specific policy, and then cover all the costs of the central heating system or boiler service. If the parts aren't available or a fix is not possible, then we'll send a new free boiler straight to your home.

There really is nothing to worry about when it comes to claiming with Row. Just speak to a member of a customer service team and we'll take it from there! We'll have a boiler service and repair completed in no time.

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