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Insurance you hope you'll never need but will be relieved that you have!

We cover those 'OH DUCK' moments

When emergency strikes you'll be pleased your home is covered. Our comprehensive home emergency insurance is there to support you in your time of need, in a wide variety of situations. Be prepared so you've not left a sitting duck.

  • Collection / Return 24 Hour Emergency Claims
  • Pound £5,000 Cover

    £2,500 per individual claim

  • Infinity Claim Multiple Times
  • Spanner Parts and Labour Included
  • Pound No Admin or Call Out Fees
  • Blue tickBurst Pipes & Leaks
  • Blue tickPlumbing & Drainage
  • Blue tickLost Keys & Home Security
  • Blue tickPest Control
  • Blue tickElectrical Supply
  • Blue tickWater Supply
  • Blue tickGas Supply
  • Blue tickBoiler Cover








Don't be a sitting duck

At Row.co.uk we offer affordable house emergency cover for both homeowners and landlords, which is worth every penny. We can protect you against basic home failures and utilise a nationwide network of rapid-response repair engineers to save the day. On top of this, we'll provide you with overnight accommodation up to £500 if your home becomes uninhabitable. For protection starting at £5.07, a month is there really much more you could want?

  • White tick24 Hour Emergency Line
  • White tickNo Hidden Charges
  • White tickClaim Multiple Times
  • White tickNationwide Coverage
  • White tick14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Why choose us for your Home Emergency Cover

Why Insure

Damage to your roof or windows? An infestation of wasps, hornets, mice or rats? No problem, this is our speciality. No one wants to deal with the bother of sorting out home repairs, do they? Everything is so big, bulky, messy and inevitably expensive to fix. That's why it's important to get your house covered for life's annoying emergencies. With our home emergency cover and extensive experience in home repairs, you'll be in great shape when you insure with us.

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How Much

Our home emergency cover starts from just £5.07 a month; not a lot to give you peace of mind is it? We have worked hard to ensure you get incredible prices, which covers call-outs, parts and labour up to your selected limit.

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Why Us

Amazing Customer Care: AHHH! Your water pipes just burst and are leaking throughout your kitchen. Have no fear; customers say we're superb, as do all our online reviews! We have a 24/7 call centre based in the UK to solve your emergency and dispatch a certified engineer to you in no time at all.

Browse our terms, check out our prices, see our reviews (just Google us!) and you'll see that we cannot be beaten.

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One of The UK's Largest Repair Networks: When it comes to home repairs, we're like ducks in the water! We've been doing this many years and have contracts with network, manufacturer and manufacturer-approved engineers right across the UK.

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How To Claim

Claims in a Flash!

For us to make a quick decision on your home emergency claim just call our free 24-hour emergency claim line: 01384 884080. We make everything super easy in your time of need.

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What is home emergency cover?

Home emergency cover is a type of home insurance which is designed to ease stress during a crisis, and protect your home from emergency issues.

These sorts of home emergencies are varied by nature, but commonly include burst pipes, broken boilers, blocked drains, an electrical failure, pest infestations any anything else which could go wrong to make your home unsafe.

Depending on the policy of the home emergency provider they usually cover all the expenses of the repairs as well as any call-out fees.

They do not commonly cover any damage to contents within a property by the accident - such as material damage caused by a burst pipe - unless the homeowner has contents insurance.

Do I need home emergency cover?

Insurance is something that everyone needs but hopes they will never need to use.

Whilst it can be tempting to avoid unnecessary expenses where possible, no amount of saving will ever make up for the stresses of having a household emergency such as a burst water pipe, faulty boiler or heating system breaking down for a landlord who does not have emergency cover home insurance.

What’s covered by home emergency?

Some home insurance policies come with home emergency cover as standard, whereas others offer it as an add-on to an existing home insurance policy.

It is important to check with your insurance provider to see what your existing cover is before you get any home insurance quotes.

Generally, standard contents insurance should cover any damage caused by an accident - such as flooding caused by burst or leaky plumbing, or new carpets to cover the damaged caused by a pest infestation.

What isn’t covered by home emergency cover?

A typical home emergency policy will only cover a house which has been well-maintained and looked after, which means that general wear and tear is not covered by home emergency insurance policies.

Boiler repair for any outdated models which are over 7+ years is also not typically covered in a home emergency coverage policy.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain utilities such as boilers and to make sure of the boiler cover information they have.

What counts as an emergency?

Emergencies are usually any sudden and unexpected event which results in damages to property.

These can include (but are not limited to):

  • Broken boilers.
  • Damages to a central heating system or boiler causing a loss of hot water.
  • Infestations of pests, such as rats or mice.
  • Plumbing issues, such as a blocked toilet or drains.
  • Damaged windows, doors or locks which make the property a security risk.
  • Sudden electrical failure.
  • Damages to your roof.

Depending on the cover you have when you make a claim, you may be entitled to alternative accommodation to stay in, whilst these damages are resolved.

Will home emergency cover include my boiler?

Sadly, home emergency cover is not a magical solution which will cover any and all home-problems. However, Row.co.uk home emergency policies come with the option to take out complete cover. Complete Cover also includes Boiler Cover and the option of annual servicing.

There are certain process requirements on the part of the homeowner to make sure they are not excluded from getting the help they need.

This includes maintaining any central heating or boilers to working order and replacing any boilers which are older than 7-10 years. Row.co.uk home emergency policies come with the option to take out complete cover. Complete Cover also includes Boiler Cover and the option of annual servicing.

One way of checking your insurance coverage is through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which is an authorised and regulated financial body which is registered in England.

Every service regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority limited, rights reserved, is authorised to provide an emergency helpline and firm reference number to anyone who needs it and should highlight the details of the coverage on the insurance on the provider's website.

How do I make a claim on my insurance?

Claims are made by getting in touch with the team using the phone number listed on your terms and conditions.

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