Landlord Home Emergency Cover

When emergency strikes at your property we'll be there to put things right.

We cover those 'OH DUCK' moments

Insure your rental property against system failure and breakdowns with our affordable landlord home emergency insurance. You can choose from three levels of comprehensive protection, covering a variety of things to keep your tenants happy and safe.

  • Collection / Return 24 Hour Emergency Claims
  • Pound Up to £5,000 per policy year

    Up to £2,500 per individual claim

  • Spanner Parts and Labour Included
  • Pound No Admin or Call Out Fees
  • Blue tickPlumbing & Drainage
  • Blue tickInternal Electricity
  • Blue tickGas & Water Supply
  • Blue tickSecurity & Access to Home
  • Blue tickPrimary Heating System
  • Blue tickPest Infestation
  • Blue tickRoofing
  • Blue tickBoiler Replacement Contribution
  • Blue tickOvernight Accommodation
  • Blue tickAlternative Heating
  • Blue tickInhabitable Accommodation Cover








Don't be a sitting duck

We provide quality boiler cover for landlords, keeping rented flats and houses working. can protect you against various breakdowns and send our trusted rapid-response engineers to your rescue. For landlord home emergency cover starting at just £73.11 a year our insurance is something you shouldn't be without!

  • White tick24 Hour Emergency Line
  • White tickNo Hidden Charges
  • White tickNationwide Coverage
  • White tick14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Why choose us for your Landlord Home Emergency Cover

Why Insure

Damage to your rental property's roof, down-piping or guttering? Do your tenants have an infestation of hornets, ants or rats? No problem, this is our specialty. No one wants to deal with the bother of sorting out property repairs or vital system replacements, do they? Everything is so large, bulky, messy and inevitably expensive to fix or replace. That's why it's important to get your property's covered for those annoying problems. With our emergency landlord insurance and experience in property repairs you can rest knowing everything is in good hands.

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How Much

Our landlord home emergency cover (underwritten by Allianz Global Assistance) starts from just £73.11 a year; not a lot to give you and your tenants peace of mind is it? We have worked hard to ensure you get incredible prices, especially when you think most plumbers and repairers charge £60 - £90 in call-out fees alone!

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Why Us

Amazing Customer Care: SPLASH! Your guttering just snapped and water has gone everywhere. You need to act fast to prevent water damage to your rental property and stop the tenants complaining! Have no fear; customers say we're fantastic, as do all our online reviews which rate us 5 stars! Our team is based in sunny Bournemouth on the South Coast so you'll always deal with someone happy from the UK.

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Browse our terms, check out our prices, see our reviews (just Google us!) and you'll see that we cannot be beaten. We even won in the 2016 Insurance Choice Awards! Not trying to boast but... we're the best.

One of The UK's Largest Repair Networks: When it comes to rental property repairs, we're like ducks in water! We've been doing this many years and have contracts with network, manufacturer and manufacturer-approved engineers right across the UK. Landlords consider us more of a business partner than a supplier.

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How To Claim

Snappy Claims Process!

For us to make a fast decision on your landlord home emergency claim just call our dedicated free 24 hour emergency claim line. We make everything effortless in your time of need.

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What’s covered by Landlord home emergency cover?

Here at Row, we cover the cost of an extensive number of damages in our home emergency cover. We know how devastating and time-consuming sorting out issues around the house can be, which is why we provide such thorough cover.

Plumbing and drains

If you have recently had issues with your plumbing and drainage, such as burst pipes, leaks, or blocked drains, then it will be covered by your home emergency policy.

Any damage that has occurred to your plumbing and drains through no fault of your own will be covered by our home emergencies policies, so you can put your mind at ease knowing that your tenants will always be happy.


Electric damage around the home is not only annoying but potentially really dangerous, not to mention the last thing that a busy landlord needs to deal with.

We cover the cost of any issues with electrics, from failed mains services to central heating systems. Electrics are needed to make your home livable, so it is vital that you have an insurance policy to protect yourself in the event that anything happens.


Perhaps the most important thing in a house, to everyone involved, is security. Any kind of security failure will make your home unsafe, which is simply not an option.

Any accidental damage or issues such as lost keys or broken windows and doors are covered by us, which means you can leave your worries with us and know that if anything did compromise the security of your house, we would be there in an instant to fix the problem.


There's no home without a roof, right? That's why it is so important to make sure that any issues with your roof are fixed as soon as possible: the longer you leave roof damage, the worse it gets.

With our home cover, you can feel protected against any accidental damage that may occur, including on your down-piping and guttering.


Unfortunately, pest problems are far more common than you may think.

It is vital that you make sure your tenants are not subject to pest infestations through having the right home insurance.

Our team are trained to handle all sorts of pest infestation; from hornets to rats.

Do I need landlord cover for my property?

Everyone should have home insurance of some kind, preferably one which can include home emergency insurance policies.

It is important for tenants within a home to both be and feel safe. Part of that is making sure that home emergency policies are in place in case something goes wrong.

What's more, no one likes having to deal with time-intensive and costly repairs. Let us handle any damage to your home for you so that you can concentrate on other things and not have any worry in the back of your head.

Home Insurance Limits and exclusions

A home insurance policy covers nearly all types of damage or emergency. However, there are certain things that are exempt from our policy.

For example, any deliberate damage or damage that is not in line with our terms and conditions will not be covered by our home emergency policy.

Unlike other insurance companies, Row provides a £5,000 cover (up to £2,500 per claim) and allows you to make a claim multiple times per year, which means there are fewer limits on our home cover in comparison to our competitors.

How to buy landlord insurance cover?

Buying our landlord emergency insurance is a simple process.

You can choose from 3 different types of protection, which all provide cover for a variety of things such as heating, plumbing, general maintenance, faulty gas boilers, and electrical failure.

Our emergency cover starts from just £73.11 a year, which is nothing compared to what repairs and replacements will cost you. We don't charge for admin or call outs, and our emergency helpline runs 24 hours a day so that we are always on hand to help you.

Get in touch with one of our team today via our website for a quote on your home and find out more about what we can do for you!

How do I claim on my landlord emergency cover?

Once you're signed up to receive our home contents insurance, the process to make a claim is very simple.

No matter what time of day, you can contact us through our website with details of why you require our emergency service, and we'll be able to assess your claim.

Once your claim has been assessed alongside your level of cover, we can get to work coming up with a solution!

We understand the importance of acting fast when home damage has occurred. If you're having trouble with hot water, a boiler service, or central heating, for example, you can't be waiting days for a technician to visit.

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