Where Do You Charge Your Smartphone?

We all know that smartphones use battery power at a rate of knots. And this is mainly because we don’t stop playing with them all day. I use the word play advisedly because most of our ‘work’ on them is not essential to our business unless of course you manage the social media for your company or someone else’s.

Now there are a number of other ways to charge your smartphone other than plugging directly into an electric source. Solar power, hot drinks, USBs and power mats have all been developed as the latest ‘new way’.

And here’s another

No worries if you can’t find your charger, now you’ll be able to charge your phone on your counter top – at home in the kitchen or maybe in retail outlets. Anywhere Corian is used.

It’s a little bit of a ‘cheat’ really because there’s a hidden ‘Powermat’. DuPont the makers of Corian is working with Duracell Powermat to make this easy option happen. The Powermat is embedded inside/below the countertop to make it work!

Really mobile

The revolution here is really the Powermat. Duracell developed the ‘mat’ which is connected to an electrical source in the usual way. Your iPhone needs to wear a special cover which comes in many colours, with a magnetic connection. When placed on the Powermat it will charge.

Alongside this, the kit provides you with a mobile charging unit which is charged in the same way. Take this with you and you can connect it to your iPhone with a USB and recharge any time, anywhere.

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