The Smartphone Sins Everyone Commits

Smartphones, smartphones, smartphones; they’re everywhere and though many of us claim to be smartphone experts with great mobile phone etiquette, there are some smartphone sins everyone commits. 

Smartphone sins are the little behaviours that many of us are guilty of and though they are things we all know we shouldn’t do, does that stop us? No. Unfortunately the majority of us commit smartphone sins on a daily basis and often we don’t even realise we are doing it until someone points it out.

We’ve compiled some of the top smartphone sins that everyone commits, see how many you are guilty of.

Smartphone Sins: Are You Guilty?

  1. Forgetting to charge your smartphone - Ironically, smartphone batteries are one of the top complaints made by users and yet we have all been caught with a battery nearing the dreaded 5%. Forgetting to charge your smartphone is not only annoying to you, but also to those trying to get hold of you. The key benefit of a mobile phone is that people can be contacted in an emergency though, with a dead battery, that isn’t possible. Remember to charge your smartphone or invest in a portable charger for emergencies.
  2. Spending too much time on your smartphone – Often associated with being addicted to your smartphone. This occurs when you are paying attention to your phone instead of those around you, even when you’re out to dinner it is not uncommon to see a table full of people, who are meant to be socialising, all staring at their mobile phones. Putting your smartphone down won’t be the end of the world and it will allow you to pay attention to others without distractions.
  3. Constantly updating social media and WhatsApp - With social media and instant messaging having a new lease of life over recent years - say goodbye to MSN messenger and MySpace and hello to WhatsApp and Facebook - many of us are guilty of updating people throughout the day of everything we are up to. Save updates and messages for important purposes and things you are excited to share, and stay away from telling everyone what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  4. Ignoring calls and texts - Mobile phones began as a way to call and message others whilst on the move, however, it seems many people have forgotten that. We are all guilty of reading a message or a call and ignoring them, planning to get back to them at a later date. Then, we forget. Staying on top of messages and call is one of the pillars of smartphone etiquette and replying to people is key.  
  5. Always looking for an upgrade - It seems that every other week someone is mentioning the brand new, must-have smartphone and without fail we look at our own models and wish it was time to upgrade. Upgrades come around quicker than you expect and owning the next big smartphone is unlikely to give you many more features than you already have. Technology has come a long way since mobile phones began, so use the model you have to its optimum.

The smartphone sins everyone commits are never going to go away, but by taking a little time to try to avoid them you may find you get the most out of your smartphone and are able to really appreciate it’s features.

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