Fashion Speaks Volumes

Whether it is designer fashions or celebrity shocks that influence what you wear, there have certainly been some outfits to talk about over the years.

The recent MTV Awards didn’t stop the chat. Opened by Lady Gaga changing vicariously from nun to mermaid through her performance and ending it in a shell bikini with thong which barely (no pun intended) covered her modesty. But for once it was Miley Cyrus who shocked worldwide audiences more and is still being talked about.

Clad in a latex nude bikini Cyrus ‘twerked’ her bottom provocatively, licked her lips and used a huge foam hand to simulate masturbation.

This isn’t runway stuff to be sure but without the fabrics to create some of these skin-hugging costumes these ‘stars’ would have to conform to more traditional outfits.

It’s all in the science

The science department at Cornell University in New York has been busy working with student designers to produce fabrics with some extra-curricular functions. Not just the ‘second skin’ effect of latex. Using nanotechnology they have produced fabric that is stain and allergy proof to one that can charge your smartphone using solar power.

Design student Jen Keane says it is ultimately important to know the structure of the fabric to know its credentials and how it will fall or can be used.

Not in the immediate future

We won’t be seeing the mobile phone charger fabric heading down the runway in the autumn but we bet it won’t be long.

Does this mean phones will be kept closer with less mobile phone insurance claims made when you can literally plug into your coat?

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