Smartphones have come a long way from the usual functions of calling and messaging; you can play 3d games, watch movies, take high resolution pictures, etc. All of these tasks consume a lot of battery power, but smartphones are equipped with powerful processors that can handle the power demands. Although batteries have been enhanced, they still need a quick recharge to ensure that they last the day.

People have been working on innovative solutions to resolve battery issues and as a result, there are quite a few battery chargers available in the market or rather will be in the near future, that are just plain awesome, while some are even outlandish.

·      Body Heat Charger

What if you came across a device that could charge your phone while it was in your pocket, without plugging it in any power outlet? Of course, that would be awesome. Dr Gang Chen, the head of the mechanical engineering department at MIT has built a prototype material that absorbs heat from low grade sources to produce electricity. The device consists of cheap nanomaterials that draw in energy from the environment and generate an electric current.

Experiments show that the device can be used to charge your mobile phone’s battery while it it’s in your pocket; it will utilize your body heat to do so. Of course, the device is still under research and it will be quite some time when we see it in the market, but the idea is intriguing at best. It has an efficiency of 12 percent at a temperature of around 20 to 60 degrees Centigrade.

·      The Super Fast Charger

Would you want to buy a charger that would charge your phone in just 30 seconds? Yes, you heard it right. There is a startup in Israel called Storedot that has developed a prototype of a battery that is capable of being recharged in 30 seconds. The super fast charging battery employs nanotechnology to achieve such record breaking times. This battery consists of special amino acids, instead of Lithium which allow it to be charged in under a minute. It can be used on laptops and tablets as well.

·      Plan V

No it is not the title of an alien invasion movie nor is it the plot to the next Star Wars franchise; rather, it is a device that makes use of a 9 Volt battery to charge a smartphone. If you ever faced a situation in which you are having a night out with your friends and your phone becomes low on battery, then this charging device is the perfect match for you.

Made of plastic, the charger has two parts; one end of the device is a USB cable, while the other end is a battery connector. A 9 Volt battery goes there and you can plug in the USB into the charging port on your phone. It is a good remedy in situations when you need a quick boost in battery life. It provides up to 4 hours of talk time.

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