Apple Have Released The iPad Pro!

Apple Have Released The iPad Pro!

The former models of the Apple iPad were far more dominant in the market over the Android Tablets, but will the iPad Pro follow in their footsteps? Well, it sure has a lot to offer, but Apple aren’t seemingly pushing the iPad Pro into any given market. It is designed to be a media hub, a fabulous word processor, a creative tool and then anything else the app world can dream up.

With 5.6 million pixels, the iPad Pro features the highest-resolution Retina display of any iOS device. The 12.9 inch screen makes everything you do – editing 4K Video, designing presentations, running a business – easier, faster and more engaging. The Multi-Touch subsystem has been re-engineered, expanding the ways you can interact with iPad.  

The new APX chip, the best processor chip for Apple’s most capable device, is the third-generation chip with 4-bit desktop class architecture. It delivers up to 1.8 times the CPU performance and double the graphics performance of the iPad Air 2, so even the most demanding apps run effortlessly. 

Even with its massive display (78% more display area than the iPad Air 2!), the iPad Pro has an astonishingly slim and light design – Just 6.9 millimetres thin and 713 grams. Yet thanks to the strong unibody enclosure, it feels well-balanced and sturdy. 

Accessories include the Smart Keyboard which combines an array of new technologies and materials to create a keyboard like no other. It’s a full size keyboard that is fully portable and connects to iPad Pro with the smart connector, an innovative new interface that allows for a two-way exchange of power and data. Also included is the Apple Pencil which is built with pixel-perfect precision; the Apple Pencil expands the power of Multi-Touch and opens up new creative possibilities. It’s sensitive to both tilt and pressure, allowing you to create a range of artistic strokes and effects.

Our Conclusion

It’s always expected of Apple to release a new addition to their iPad range, but they seem to have gone in a different direction with the iPad Pro. It sure huge, and we’re still deciding if that’s a good thing or a problem. It’s definitely a device that could be extremely beneficial to use in business though, and a great portable device (as a lighter and tidier alternative to a laptop) to bring with you on the go. It’s also a brilliant device to watch movies on and play apps. We love the detachable keyboard compatibility and the Apple Pencil, just like any stylus pen, is always fun and handy to use. 

Pros: Expansive, usable screen. Fantastic graphics and display. Great speakers. 
Cons: Perhaps too big for a lot of people. Battery life could be longer. 

iPad Pro Competition

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was also released recently, and we’re guessing this is why Apple chose to release the iPad Pro now, as they’ll be rivals on the shelves for a long time. The Surface Pro 4 has a lot going for it and there are a few similarities to the iPad Pro – it also comes with a stylus and a clip on keyboard. It has a similar sized screen, but offers a full desktop experience with the hugely successful Windows 10. A benefit of the Surface Pro 4 is that it’s cheaper and comes with the pen included. There are higher storage options beyond 128 GB too.

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