The Rise in Cheap Smartphones

Being without a smartphone can be seen as the ultimate digital sin. The majority of people would agree that a smartphone helps to keep you in touch with family and friends, keeps your workload organised and even keeps you entertained on your way home. Think about it, smartphones really do cover all bases!

The one complaint most of us have about smartphones is the price. They are costly to buy, costly to fix and costly to replace; but, if we can’t do without them, what’s the answer?

It is not hard to see why there has been a rise in cheap smartphones and as newer smartphone models come out and the prices increase, many people are turning to cheap smartphones as the answer.

Cheap Smartphones: Are They The Way Forward?

Smartphone lovers will be split into two categories when discussing the rise in cheap smartphones; some will share the opinion of “great, a cheaper alternative to my iPhone” whilst others will assume that cheap smartphones cannot offer everything they need from a mobile device. 

One popular cheap smartphone is the Karbonn A50S. Though it is not currently available outside of India, many in the UK are opting to buy it - and others - online at a fraction of the cost of current smartphones. Features include Internet access, WiFi, apps, a camera and the usual text and call options. Though it does not cover everything that an iPhone, Samsung or Nokia smartphone does, for many all the key elements are there and at £26 it is easy to see why it is popular.

Other handsets seen in the rise of cheap smartphones are from French company Wiko. Available in the UK Wiko devices retail at around £50 and like the Karbonn A50S, they include a number of key features. 

Cheap Smartphones: Are They Worth It?

Though the rise in cheap smartphones will see many move away from pricier models, is being a cheaper smartphone beneficial? For those who do not use all their current smartphone’s features and view it as simply a ‘phone with a camera and WiFi’, a cheap smartphone may be a sensible choice; especially considering the money many pay for phones they barely use. However, tech heads and mobile phone addicts will likely find that a cheaper smartphone will not offer all the features and gadgets they know and love.

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