If you own a mobile phone, then phone insurance is a necessity. Everyday life dictates that there will be certain scenarios beyond your control that may compromise your smartphone’s safe existence. From theft and loss to accidental damage, your phone has to jump through hoops to remain in your possession and in good working order.

Read before you ‘sign on the dotted line’
Whilst applying for phone insurance is quick and easy using online tools, insurance policies do come with terms and conditions, aka the small print.

The phrase ‘always read the small print’ is bandied around for a reason. Not because insurance companies think you fancy a good read, but because you need to be aware of what your policy covers, what is excluded and the process to follow should you need to make a claim.

What exactly does your policy cover?
Reading the small print before you ‘sign on the dotted line’ or tick the equivalent ‘I agree to the Terms and Conditions’ box online, allows you to determine if the cover provided is suitable for your needs. If it doesn’t offer what you need, then don’t take out the policy. It’s as simple as that.

At we clearly state what is covered and what is excluded under our policy in our Terms and Conditions. You can find these on our website, as well as a brief summary in our FAQs.

If you need to make a claim
Should the unmentionable happen, make sure your policy covers the scenario in which it happened. If your phone is stolen or lost make sure you notify the police and get a Police Report. Most insurance policies stipulate that this is a necessity in order to process your claim. Also, some policies require this to be done within a certain timeframe too.

Theft and loss claims
At our claims procedure guide stipulates that when claiming for theft or loss, you should ‘notify the appropriate local Police authority within 24 hours of discovering the incident and obtain a Crime Reference/Lost Property number and a copy of the Police Crime report.’

Accidental damage claims
For accidental damage claims we stipulate that you ‘keep all parts of Your Telephone and return it for inspection in accordance with the Claims Administrator’s instructions. The Telephone remains your responsibility until it has been received by the Claims Administrator.’

All claims
For all claims we stipulate that ‘If you or your immediate family are not in possession of Your Telephone You should contact Your airtime provider within 24 hours of discovering the incident to place a call bar on the Telephone.’

Also that ‘you should notify us on 0844 318 6871 within 2 working days of discovering the incident (or in the event of an incident occurring outside of the United Kingdom, within 2 working days of returning to the United Kingdom). Our opening hours are 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday.’

So, when you take out mobile phone insurance, be sure to check what your policy covers and what documents are required in order to make a claim. Failing to do so could result in your claim being unsuccessful and a very unhappy you.

*The information in this blog is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Please seek a professional for expert advice as we can not be held responsible for any damages or negative consequences upon following this information.

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