Alcohol Consumption And Phone Theft

Mobile phone crime is continuing to soar, year after year and there is a direct correlation between phone theft and alcohol consumption. 

A Crime Survey for England and Wales in 2013 revealed that women aged 18-24 are the most likely targets of mobile phone theft. The Office for National Statistics revealed that 1 in 20 women aged 18-24 reported having their phone stolen, 46% of whom admitted to being under the influence of alcohol when their phone was taken. 

The survey further revealed that 37% did not have mobile phone insurance at the time of having their phone stolen! 

You’re the most vulnerable to mobile phone theft when in London – last year the Metropolitan Police stated that 314 phones are stolen every day in the capital, and that young professionals are the most common victims. 

How can you prevent getting your device stolen when on a night out? 
• Keep it in a safe place – like an inside pocket or the inside zipped section of a handbag. 
• Don’t take it out at the bar. 
• Don’t ask strangers to take a photo of you. 
• Avoid using it in isolated places. 
• Switch your mobile to silent so thieves don’t notice you have one on your person. 

Think before you drink – you’re less in control if you’re drunk and therefore more vulnerable to having your gadget stolen. 

What should you do if you get your device stolen? 
• Immediately report the loss to the police and to your network operator. 
• Contact your insurance provider with the IMEI number and process your claim.
• Try to recall the last time you had your phone – then half your battle is won! Chances are, it might have been turned in. 

We’ll leave you with this short video: ‘The 5 Stages of Losing A Smartphone’. Make sure you insure your mobile phone or gadget to avoid that sense of panic when you lose it. Click here to get a quote with us today.

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