The iPhone has come a long way since it was first mentioned in 2007 during a Macworld convention. Let’s take a look at how it’s developed… 

The iPhone has revolutionised the smartphone market over its 7-year evolution. From the iPhone to the iPhone 6, it has helped cement Apple as one of the most valuable, profitable and respected brands in the world. 

During a Macworld convention in San Francisco in January 2007, CEO Steve Jobs announced the unveiling of a new Apple product, which had been in development for almost 3 years. Steve introduced the new device as a wide-screen iPod, which would combine a mobile phone with Internet connection and touch control. Jobs then informed the eager audience that the iPhone would “reinvent the phone.”

How much more true could this comment have been? It has changed every aspect of our lives. We no longer ‘need’ alarm clocks, calendars, cameras, MP3s, etc. Having said that, the iPhone is beginning to see declining market share due to the introduction of less expensive devices from competitors including Samsung and LG. The Apple iPhone still dominates the smartphone market though (53%). 

We’ve drawn up a handy table to showcase the differences between each iPhone:




The iPhone

June 2007

The design and form has pretty much stayed the same since conception


Released in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB

The iPhone 3G

July 2008

Introduction of 3G connection.


Introduction of the App Store

The iPhone 3GS

June 2009

Faster internet connection


Higher resolution camera


Introduction of voice control

The iPhone 4

June 2010

Higher resolution retina display


Introduction of a front-facing camera for the increasing use of video call


Design changes – rounded back panel replaced with a flat surface to make it thinner

The iPhone 4S

October 2011

Camera upgraded to 8 megapixels


Introduction of Siri, iCloud, iMessage and Reminders

The iPhone 5

September 2012

Enhanced display


Design changes – aluminium frame which made it lighter

The iPhone 5C & 5S

September 2013

Introduction of fingerprint recognition technology


Design changes - 5C made out of polycarbonate

The iPhone 6

September 2014?

The pressure is heaped on to the iPhone 6 launch, especially as 5C and 5S were ‘simple’ updates to previous models


Rumoured to feature a bigger screen, better camera and health monitoring!

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