Samsung vs. Apple

It’s the great smartphone war of the 21st century. The court took three and a half days deliberating the Apple vs. Samsung case earlier this year. 

Apple alleged that Samsung had violated 4 patents, and the legal war came to a head in May this year. The Californian jury decided that Samsung had violated some of Apple’s patents and owes the iPhone manufacturer damages. This was less than 5% of what Apple was hoping for. 

Samsung was convicted of violating 2 patents, including data tapping and auto-complete and Apple was subsequently awarded $119.6 million in damages… which reportedly won’t even cover the expense of the trial itself. 

On Wednesday 6th August, Apple and Samsung agreed to end all patent lawsuits outside the US between themselves, after over three years of legal hostilities. 

The ‘legal war’ aside… which company rules the roost? Let’s take a quick look at the new Galaxy S5, Samsung’s flagship SmartPhone and the iPhone 5S, Apple’s high-end handset: 

The iPhone 5S weights 112g which is much lighter than the Galaxy 5S which weighs in at 145g. 

The iPhone 5S is made of anodised aluminium and is available in gold, silver and grey. The Galaxy S5 is made from plastic, but available in slightly more colours – black, white, gold and blue. 

The iPhone 5S screen (4in display) looks very small in comparison to the Galaxy 5S 5.1in screen. 

Samsung wins the battle here – with 2GB of RAM, double the space that iPhone 5S offers. 

Both phones boast fantastic cameras that provide top quality, detailed and accurate photos. The iPhone 5S has an 8-megapixel camera with a dual LED flash and the Galaxy S5 has a 16-megapixel sensor. 

Put simply, the iPhone 5S uses Apple’s iOS operating system, whereas Galaxy S5 uses Google’s Android. A few years ago, there were significantly fewer apps available to users, but apps are increasingly available on both platforms. 

In summary? The Galaxy S5 has better battery life, a bigger screen, it’s heavier and the camera is a bit more advanced. Having said that, the iPhone is a classic design and will be replaced with iPhone 6 later on this year. It ultimately comes down to which operating system you prefer! 


Samsung Galaxy S5

Apple iPhone 5S





plastic - available in black, white, gold and blue


anodised aluminium - available in gold, silver and grey


5.1in display

4in display


2GB of RAM

1GB of RAM


16-megapixel sensor

8-megapixel camera with a dual LED flash


Google’s Android

Apple’s iOS operating system

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