Smart Phones Are A Holiday Must-Have

The holiday season is almost over. Isn’t it great to get away from our busy working lives and relax? In reality though do you actually take a break or are you one of the 65% who have to check your email whilst you’re away?

Do you feel the need to respond once you’ve checked? We bet you do like half of those with email contact do.

With smart phones and tablets it means we don’t have to take our laptops away to stay in contact. We are all so wrapped up in being in constant contact that we can’t stop. We’re addicted. Most people say they respond to emails so that they don’t have such a pile awaiting them on their return. Of course when we respond, we just keep the ball in play and create more interaction.

Must have item

Regardless of whether you stay in work contact at least 90% of holiday makers take their smart phones on holiday with them. Well how could you leave that important piece of equipment at home? You need it for your photos and so that you can post your ‘I’m having a great time on holiday’ snaps to social media or Instagram. Well everyone back home needs to know where you are and what fun you’re having. At least we don’t have to suffer those old fashioned slide shows when you return.

Just to highlight their importance, more and more holiday makers refuse to stay or eat anywhere that doesn’t have free Wi-Fi (27 and 30% respectively).

These two surveys from Just the Flight and show how holidays are changing. It seems we can’t break our ties and get away from it all anymore. A relaxing getaway is a thing of the past.

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