It’s been talked about for some time and now it’s being introduced albeit slowly. What are we talking about? Paying with your Smart phone and Face Recognition Technology. If you live or shop in Richmond, Surrey there are a few places you can use this new technology right now.

All you need is a Smart phone and the appropriate App – Tap-2-Pay or In-App. Then head into one of the stores accepting this in Richmond and you can pay using your phone. You find the store on the App and login on your Smart phone. When you go to pay, the retailer can see your name and that you want to pay via PayPal. That’s it done. No need to carry your wallet or purse around anymore. You can just use your Smart phone.

Our phones will definitely become more precious than ever. You’ll want to lose yours even less than ever as it will now have all this added information on it.

PayPal reassure everyone that your account and banking details are as secure as they are when you contact PayPal any other way. The App also uses face recognition technology so hopefully anyone else trying to access this App won’t be recognised and therefore won’t be able to operate it.

What do you think?

N B It is easy to set up an online PayPal account which debits the money from you bank account if you have no funds in the PayPal account.

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