The Best Tablets to Buy for Kids in 2020

Tablets are a godsend for parents all over the world. Like digital soothers, a whole generation of parents ask themselves - how did people cope before these things were invented?

On long journeys, when the kids start getting fidgety on shopping trips, just to give you a break and them some much needed downtime - tablets are a winner. Portable, convenient and multi-functional, tablets are great because kids can do so many different things on them. Some of it is even educational!

So if you’re planning on investing in a new model this year, what are the best tablets available for kids in 2020? Let’s take a look. Don't forget to check out our brilliant value tablet cover options as well!

Best Budget Buys

You know what kids are like - most things you give them are going to end up dropped on the floor, trampled on and drinks spilled over them. So do you really want to spend the big bucks on a tablet? Luckily, there are some great budget tablets available built with kids in mind. The Kurio Tab Connect is a great example, a big bright chunky model perfect for little hands with a 7-inch screen and user friendly parental controls. Similar in design is the Amazon Fire 7 for Kids, which gives you access to Amazon’s enormous range of content on the FIre OS. Neither of these tablets will win any prizes for processing speed or picture quality for watching films, but if cheap and cheerful is what you’re after with a seemingly endless supply of games, audiobooks and other apps, you can’t go wrong.

Best for Movies

One of the staple activities most kids want to use a tablet for is streaming their favourite TV programmes and movies. If you want your children to be able to enjoy the experience without any problems with lag or buffering, you need a tablet with a better CPU than most of the budget options. Something like the Amazon Fire HD 10 for Kids is perfect - with a 10.1 inch screen, 1920 x 1200 resolution and blistering octa-core processor, your children will be as happy watching movies on this nifty device as they are on your main flatscreen TV.

Best for Education

LeapFrog knows a thing or two about tech for children - they have been global leaders in the category for the past couple of decades. Their products also have a distinct educational bent to them, and the LeapFrog Epic is no different. An otherwise pretty standard 7-inch screen tablet with the typical kiddie-friendly chunky design, where the LeapFrog Epic comes into its own is the child-friendly interface and content. Although built on Android, LeapFrog has customised the UI so kids will pick up using it independently easily and quickly. Even more impressively, the whole software platform is designed to ‘grow’ with your child, with a goals-based system of daily rewards underpinning a developmental approach which unlocks new content and features as and when your child is ready.

Best Premium

If there is one downside to the LeapFrog Epic, it is that it is pretty expensive for a kid’s tablet. And if you are looking at forking out several hundred pounds for one, you might as well consider the daddy of all tablets - the original, still quite possibly the best around, the iPad. Apple’s game-changing piece of tech is as impressive today as it was a decade ago when it was first launched, and as it does for pretty much all uses, it makes a great kid’s tablet too. The iPad Mini is particularly well suited to small hands, although the slimline design (and your bank balance!) might make it necessary to invest in a nice thick bouncy protective case. But with great screen quality, performance and Apple’s legendary app range, it’s hard to go wrong.

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