British parents will spend a whopping £3.9 billion on gadget gifts for their children this Christmas, according to a new survey commissioned by gadget insurance website

Two in every twenty-five mothers questioned claimed to be spending around £250 on electronic presents for their children this festive season, while one in twenty-five expect to pay around £450.

With the average iPhone now costing £562 it’s perhaps unsurprising that almost 6% of parents expect to be paying around £599 on digital toys this Christmas per child. With the average UK mother having 1.8 children, that’s £1,078 gone in a flash!

Despite kids demanding top tech, almost 1 in 3 parents surveyed still insisted they’d be spending less than £99 per child. Perhaps once wishful thinking, with products such as the 7 Inch Amazon Fire Tablet retailing at under £50 in many high-street retailers, budget gadgets really is a possibility.

According to the study by the gadget insurance company, the most frugal parents can be found in England (30% spending under £99) and the most lavish spends can be found in Northern Ireland, with 12% spending over £500.

The average amount to be spent on gadgets for children this Christmas is due to be £199, bringing the nation’s average spend to slightly over £3.9 billion.

*2,000 UK Mothers aged 35 - 44 were questioned.

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