5 Great Wacky Gadgets For Christmas

If every advert break on television is anything to go by Christmas is on the horizon and the season of giving is upon us. 

One of the toughest parts of the period of goodwill is finding the right present to give that special person. Well, luckily for you, if they’re a geek or someone with a love of technology, we’ve created a fantastic list of cool, wacky gadgets for their phone that they’re sure to love. 


Do you want an iPhone speaker that looks like a retro tape recorder – of course you do! This iRecorder Retro Tape Recorder is an iPhone speaker that harks back to the days of the Berlin Wall and Huey Lewis and the News. 

The retro tape recorder is a classic 1980s must have for anyone with a love of the decade and brings back the time in a big way. Sound quality is good and it’s easy to attach your iPhone or similar device. So, start wearing double denim and Let’s Dance.

VGA Cable Stand

Children of the 1990s may feel more at home with the VGA cable stand. This old school monitor connection cable was used to connect the monitor to PC and always a firm favourite in the myriad of tangled under desk cables. The VGA cable stand is a cool take on the original monitor connection that we all know and dreaded falling out. It’s easily attachable to your smart phone and adjustable to ensure that you get the proper viewing angle and also just looks cool.


Bringing simplicity to your phone, that’s Pressy. Simply plug Pressy into your phone jack and use the included software to program it to perform dozens of different actions with a simple click or numerous clicks. For example, Pressy could allow you to turn on your camera with one click, or your flashlight with two clicks, or turn off sound with one long held click. It’s simple to set up and allows you to perform an action without looking at the device, or having to scroll through the apps. It’s small, it’s useful and it will make your phone a whole lot more enjoyable to use.

Mother Of All Batteries

Names don’t really come much more notable and portable batteries seldom are as large. MOAB to use its acronym is a USB mobile device of tablet size with a 27,000mAh battery. Capable of charging four items simultaneously, MOAB is perfect for those instances where you’re away from a power source for longer periods at a time. It’s the perfect back up for phones, tablets, MP3 players and anything else with a USB charging capability. 

These are just some of the cool, useful and wacky phone accessories available this Christmas that could fit nicely in someone’s stocking. Whilst their phone will appreciate these awesome gadgets, make sure they also look after their phone with our insurance. Click here to get a quote with us today.

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