The Hottest New Gadgets to Buy This Christmas

It’s Christmaaaaaaassssss!! So goes the famous song that by now you’ve no doubt been fully reacquainted with, to the point of wondering just how many times you’ll have to listen to it this month.

But it does remind us all of an important fact - Christmas is indeed almost here, and that means the present situation is starting to get critical. If you’re still floundering around for ideas for that special someone or for an awkwardly-aged relative, then you can never go far wrong with a good bit of tech to unwrap come Christmas morn.

So without further ado (you need to get shopping, after all), here are some of the hottest new gadgets to stick on your shopping list this Christmas.

The Barisieur Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock

Getting out of bed in the cold, dark winter months is always a chore. So why not give your significant other this perfect morning pick-me-up - an alarm clock that doubles up as an automated tea and coffee maker! Yes, just like in Wallace and Gromit!

Bose Frames

We’re not afraid to say it - this is quite possibly the coolest gadget we’ve ever seen. A pair of perfectly debonair sunglasses combined with - yes, we kid you not - Bluetooth headphone earpieces built into the arms, with all the renowned audio quality Bose offers - need we say more? An absolute stroke of genius, just try not to keep them for yourself! 

Polaroid Mint 2-In-1

Guess what? After two decades of digital cameras stealing our snaps and hiding them away in the bowels of dusty harddrives or way off in the mysterious ether of the cloud, printing out your photos is back. And what else could possibly lead the triumphant return than the trusty old Polaroid? Except the Mint 2-in-1 is nothing like the chunky box of magic you remember - this is Polaroid gone all 21st century, impossibly slimline, snapping like your smartphone, yet still printing out your pics there and then!

Wunderboom 2

Bluetooth portable speakers have become almost as must-have as wireless headphones, and there are top-end products out there that give the most serious wired hi-fi speakers a run for their money on sound. But what’s great about the Wunderboom 2 is that it’s a fraction of the price of many options on the market, it still delivers a brilliantly crisp punchy sound - and, it genuinely is portable, resembling some sort of dog toy as much as a speaker. 

Nintendo Switch Lite

And finally, what list of gadget gift ideas would be complete without a gamer option? Under the onslaught of the heavyweight Sony/Microsoft PS/Xbox axis, Nintendo has seemingly had to reinvent itself time and time again to maintain relevant in the console space. This time, the groundbreaking mobile/console hybrid concept introduced by the Switch has got a mobile-only reboot. The big attraction of the Switch Lite is that it is considerably cheaper than any other gaming option out there, and it comes ready loaded with an absolute ton of classic Nintendo games titles for hours of on-the-move entertainment. 

Oh, and once you’ve stocked up on your tech ready to dish out your prezzies - why not add a little extra protection for the happy recipient with’s fantastic value gadget insurance - just in case any disasters around the Christmas dinner table means it doesn’t live to see Boxing Day?

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