The start of Mobile World Conference is always an exciting one for lovers of handsets and other tech and this year looks just as intriguing as any other, with a number of new devices rumoured. Of course, like all shows of this nature there’s a lot that we can predict beforehand – so let’s take a look.


Revealed already, Samsung has showcased two new devices for the show. The South Korean manufacturer announced a new S6 and also a very exciting Edge version of the same phone with curved sides. We also expect to see a number of other new devices released at the show from Samsung.


As expected HTC has shown us all a new flagship device - the HTC One M9. The new phone looks just as exciting as last year’s M8 and is revealed once more with a uni-body chassis. With 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 810 processor it’s no slouch, while the 5 inch screen is still as fantastic as ever. There’s a number of new additions, including new fitness related technology and an improved camera. The Taiwanese company also showcased a VR headset at the show too. 


The smartwatch is to have its year in 2015 according to reports and it seems that so far this seems to be the case. Huawei, LG and a number of others have revealed smartwatches in the hope of upsetting the Apple cart. Huawei’s new watch has been acclaimed as the most attractive smart watch yet from a number of blogs and does certainly look like it’s going to be quite impressive. LG’s smartwatch is also an attractive looking prospect and comes with a whole array of heartrate sensors and other extras to keep geeks amused.

Fingerprint Sensor 2.0

Snapdragon Sense ID 3D Fingerprint technology is the latest item from the chipmaker at the show and is said to be the next generation of this fingerprint tech. The new ultrasonic based technology can scan through sweat, lotions and condensation – something previous incarnations have found to be problematic at times. The new tech is said to be vastly superior to anything currently out there – so we can’t wait to get hands-on. 

Midrange Microsoft

Even though Microsoft said it wouldn’t release a new top end device until Windows 10 comes out, it’s revealed a number of new devices at MWC and both run Windows 8.1. Microsoft has released the Lumia 640 to supersede the 635 and also the 640XL which comes with a larger 5.7inch display. Both phones will be upgradable to Windows 10.

Sony Reveals

Sony also showcased a mid-range device, the M4 Aqua which can be used in water at depths of up to 1.5m. Sony has also showcased a new tablet in the Z4 which will be the slimmest 10 inch tablet on the market and looks like a quite impressive device.

Needless to say there will be more intriguing reveals from MWC over the coming week and we’ll bring you all the latest in another blog after the show wraps up. 

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