Mobile Predictions for 2015

Each and every year we see a whole host of new advances in the world of mobile phones. As we’re nearing the 11th month of the current one this means we can soon expect a new batch of shiny mobile devices to begin showcasing their wears at the stalls of the big global consumer tradeshows. So, let’s take a closer examination of what we can potentially presume from 2015’s batch of mobile devices? 

Larger, Thinner, Bigger batteries, More Power

The aforementioned are the standard improvements in the smart phone area and we can expect more of the same in 2015. Rumours are abound we’ll see even larger smart phone screens on premium models becoming the norm – 5.3-5.5 inches is the probable size. As is standard protocol also assume expect slimmer chassis’, larger batteries and more processing power. 

Computer Power

One prediction that could come to realisation in 2015, and one that’s been on the horizon for a while, is a phone that doubles up as a PC. A company known as Canonical used Ubuntu and tried get funding for this sort of device last year and though they didn’t get near their Kickstarter target they still raised millions of dollars. The device would be powerful enough to power a desktop when docked and connected to a monitor, yet portable enough to be used as a phone.  We wait with bated breath. 

OLED to Appear

We’ve witnessed it on a number of prototype phones, namely Samsung devices; however expect OLED screens to become one of the selling points for devices in 2015. From slightly curved screens to ensure the device can be held closer to the face, to displays with curved edges for more subtle checking of messages – expect OLED to begin to garner interest in 2015. There are some reservations over moisture and the brittle nature of the circuitry required for such screens; however we will certainly see some devices using these displays in 2015.

Smart Watch

The Apple Watch is of course going to be one of the big tech releases in 2015 and it looks pretty slick. It’s Apple’s first attempt at this wearable piece of technology and after its showcasing at a recent Apple event we can’t wait to see how it actually works in reality. 

Android has of course made a number of attempts to succeed in the watch space and so far most have been lacklustre efforts, with the Moto360 being the only one of note. However, we expect to experience some big improvements in the Android based offerings. 

Mobile Payments

In addition and closely related to the smart watch comes the area of mobile payments. These new wearable devices look like they will improve mobile payment infrastructure on phones. From Apple’s introduction of NFC to the increasing prevalence of iBeacon technology in the consumer space, expect to see increasing numbers of people paying via mobile device. 

These are just some of the things we expect to see in 2015 and as always we can’t wait for the next batch of mobile devices. Why not tell us what you’d like to see on phones in 2015. 

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