There’s a fine line between efficiency and idleness. Some of the world’s greatest inventions are the result of a desire to be lazy, because as Robert Heinlein said, “Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.” 

With that in mind, we've found the best apps for the ultimately efficient (AKA terminally lazy) food consumer …

Just Eat - The Mental Loafer’s Top App

 If you want to save your cooking time so you can think, whether that’s contemplating your next great invention or just pondering what you should do at the weekend, Just Eat is the food app for you.

First, it’s the UK’s largest takeaway site, saving you the trouble of downloading any of the other apps. Second, you can search by postcode and filter by whether to have food delivered to you, or to make a Herculean effort and go and collect it yourself. Cash or card options mean that you don’t even have to go to the cash point, and there’s a price filter too, which saves you the bother of looking at great menus that it turns out you can’t afford. Then you can filter by cuisine, so you don’t have to dither between Indian and Chinese, for example. So, if you define maximum efficiency as the amount of mental effort it costs you to order a takeaway, Just Eat is the least intellectually taxing app around.

Finally, you can download it to Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices, meaning you don’t even have to think about whether it’s compatible with your phone - it is.

Hungry House - The Coach Potato App of Choice

Hungry House is the second most popular food ordering app in the UK. But what differentiates it from the front runner, JustEat is that it offers a very special filter.

Let’s just run through the basics though … you’re deeply embedded in your multiplayer game of choice, or sunk on the sofa, luxuriating in back-to-back episodes of Bake-Off on catch up TV, when you realise you forgot to defrost dinner. What to do? As well as allowing you to check indie takeaways that deliver to your postcode and filtering by recommendations, minimum order, and free delivery, Hungry House has a secret weapon. You can sort results by closing time. Why is that important? Ask anybody who’s planning a six episode Game of Thrones viewfest … you just don’t want to be interrupted to answer the door to the delivery person when you’re mid-episode! Being able to pick a late opening restaurant means you can plan to get your supper after your TV session is over, so you can concentrate fully on the delicious food you ordered.

Available for Android and iOS devices.

Deliveroo - The Best App for Cheating Cooks

Want your partner or kids to think you cooked when you didn’t? The epitome of lazy - and cheating - cuisine is delivered by Deliveroo.  For those living in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Guildford, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford and Reading, this is the app of choice. Postcode based searching allows you to find local restaurants that will deliver. It’s a curated app, so they list only well researched and well-reviewed restaurants, which means you get restaurant quality food delivered to your door.

All you have to do is plate it, dispose of the delivery packaging in a way that ensures you’ll never be caught, and pass off somebody else’s hard work as your own excellent cooking!

iPhone only.

Room Service - The Finest Foodie App Around

Finally, if you’re lazy and fussy, we recommend Room Service. This is the gastronomic preferred version of a takeaway food app, which sources superb meals in London, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bruxelles, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin and Hamburg.

Once again it’s a curated app, meaning that there are minimum standards that the restaurant in question must meet. However, Room Services is not just a takeaway meal app, although for the sophisticated eater, it provides an unmatched chance to explore restaurant cuisine at home. You can use Room Service to cater a business lunch or even a wedding breakfast! Exclusive, pricey and very particular, if you’re picky about your food, we’ve picked the perfect app for you.

iPhone only.

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