The Flip Phone Comeback

With the influx of smartphones rising in recent years you wouldn’t be considered silly for assuming that phones of the past are long gone. Not too long ago the highlight of a mobile phone was having the latest version of addicting game Snake or finally having a colour screen, and then came the flip phone.

Before smartphones entered the digital world and became the must-have tech accessory, phones were built for convenience. Flip phones were designed to be compact, secure and not easily broken - some may say, everything today’s smartphones are not. However, there are rumblings of a flip phone comeback - well, in Japan at least.

Watch Out, Flip Phones About

If recent figures are to be believed, people in Japan are buying familiar flip phones of the past rather than splurging on brand new smartphones. According to Reuters, shipments of flip phones were higher in 2014 than they have been in seven years and smartphone shipments fell in line with this. 

Why Is There A Flip Phone Comeback?

There are many suggested reasons as to why there has been a flip phone comeback in Japan. With smartphones being notoriously expensive in the country, many consumers are opting for cheaper mobile phones. Additionally, flip phones are familiar and easy to use and therefore offer a more convenient and stress-free mobile phone experience. 

Japan has suffered with financial inflation in previous years and many mobile phone users are simply happy to stick to the model they already have; especially if expensive smartphones have always been out of reach.

The next question raised is, will flip phones make a comeback in the UK? Though it is hard to imagine today’s tech heads swapping their top of the range iPhones for an out of date flip phone, it is not impossible. Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour has been known to favour a low cost flip phone, something that came as a surprise to many as Wintour is known for not only being fashionable, but also extremely wealthy; and if some of the media’s top icons begin to set a trend, who know where it could lead.

The flip phone comeback has taken off in Japan but with fewer features it is not surprising that many individuals would never dream of trading in their smartphone for a flip phone; even if they are cheaper and no doubt have their benefits. 

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