Why Are Sleep Apps So Popular?

Busy lives, screaming children, social lives and heavy workloads all lead to a lack of sleep. Whether your lack of sleep is beyond your control or you simply choose work and seeing friends over getting a good night’s rest, not having enough sleep is something we hate. 

In recent years there has been an ever growing interest in mobile phone apps that are aimed at helping individuals get a better night’s sleep. The apps differ in function but they all play into our interest of sleep and how much we are getting. Of course, getting enough sleep isn’t everything and the quality of sleep is also of interest; but don’t worry, there’s apps for that too.

Are Sleep Apps Beneficial?

It is debatable whether sleep apps are genuinely beneficial to our sleeping patterns and habits or if they are simply another way we can use our smartphones to track different aspects of our lives. The big draw to these apps is that they open a window of opportunity for us to find out what we do when we’re asleep, something we would otherwise remain unaware of. 

Are you a sleep talker? - Though in extreme cases we may wake ourselves up talking, as a whole if we sleep talk it is only because other people have told us that we do. Finding out what you say in your sleep can provide an idea of what you are dreaming about, plus it does suggest you are not having the great night’s sleep you may have thought (which may explain the tiredness at work the next day). Sleep talking apps are simply recording devices that are triggered by noise in the night; when a noise is made they begin to record and this can be played back in the morning. 

What are your sleeping habits? - Are you a deep sleeper? You may think so, but how do you know? Often, even when we think we have had a really good sleep we feel tired and cranky the next day; this may be because of an unbroken or very light sleep. There are a number of apps available that will record your sleeping habits. By placing the sleep app on at night, your smartphone can measure how much you move, how restless you are and when you are in a deep or a light sleep. This data can be collated to help you determine just how good of a sleeper you are. 

When do you want to be woken up? - Leading on from apps that record when you are in a light or deep sleep, it is possible to use this information to set an alarm for the optimum time to be woken up. Throughout the night we fluctuate between deep sleep and light sleep; it is easier to wake up from a light sleep and there are sleep apps available that will trigger your alarm when you are in a lighter sleep. The idea behind this is that by being woken from light sleep you will feel less tired throughout the day. 

Whether or not sleep apps work is personal opinion; some people may find them a great way to improve sleep quality whereas others may just like to find out if they chatter away in their sleep. Either way, sleep apps show that there is not much that a smartphone can’t do - even when we are asleep we can use them.

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