7 Valentine's Day Apps You Need To Know About

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon as well as all the romance, fun and money making that goes with it. Frankly, we’ve come a long way from the simple days of a card and some flowers and it seems that a lot of our romantic inclinations and wishes have taken a digital turn. 

There are all sorts of apps and tech out there nowadays for Valentines and we thought it would be only right to shed light on this with the big day coming up.


For the true romantics among us, Couple may seem like the digital equivalent of a warm hug. For others, let’s just be polite and say maybe not. The app, allows you to share messages and video with your partner alone in an intimate manner whether they’re in the living room or Lebanon. There is even the option to touch thump prints on the same part of the screen, known as a ‘Thumbkiss’.

Fix a Fight

Of course, a relationship can’t be all ‘thumbkisses’ there has to be some friction and this app is a pragmatic one. Fix a Fight does exactly as it suggests and provides couples with free therapy in a step by step manner. It even uses the voice of a marital therapist to calm couples down. 


Avocado allows you to have a shared place for all your shared images, videos and messages. It permits couples the ability to hug via holding their handset up to their chests. In addition, there’s even an option to receive notifications when your partner’s battery is dying. They’ll never have an excuse for not writing back again. 

Simply Us

There’s nothing as annoying as being double booked because your partner has pencilled you in for something, while you have done the same for another. Simply Us allows couples to sync calendars and shopping lists, as well as message privately. It’s a great app for the organised couples among us and one we can certainly see appealing to the practical.


It’s always nice going to the cinema with someone else. This app doesn’t completely make that a reality, but it will sync two people’s videos when watching a funny clip or show via laptop or phone allowing them to synchronise. No more worries about someone getting to the funny bit of the video first again.


It seems that the gamification of love has begun and Kouply is right at the centre of it. The app turns your relationship into a game of sorts by sending your significant other points every time they do something you appreciate. The member of the couple who gets the most points wins, of course. It’s a weird way to encourage kindness but we can certainly see it working for some. 


Simply, add your significant other’s phone number into the app and then when you press the icon it’ll call them straight away. It means there’ll never be need again to navigate the screen with three button presses to call your wife, girlfriend or lover. You can now with one click of a little red heart shaped icon. We live in wonderful times.

These are just some of the apps for download that could make your Valentines that little bit more special. 

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