Are You Considering a Digital Diet?

It’s hard to put your smartphone down sometimes and with a constant stream of messages, different apps for different moods and a thousand and one addicting games to choose from it isn’t hard to see why. The time we spend on our smartphones each day is not something we often think about; we pick it up for five minutes here to reply to a message and to check Twitter, we grab it a little later to check the weather or to check Facebook, we spend half an hour at night playing Candy Crush or Bubble Witch. Whatever it is you use your smartphone for, the chances are you are not aware of just how much time you are actually spending on it and with everything, it all adds up.

Though a little time on each app doesn’t seem like a lot, smartphone habits die hard and it is beneficial to take a step back every so often and consider a digital diet.

Taking a Digital Diet

A digital diet is not about stopping digital usage completely, after all doing so is relatively inconvenient when you consider just how much we rely on our gadgets for, but cutting down slightly and curbing your bad digital habits may highlight just how much time you spend in a digital world.

The Digital Diet App

Quality Time app has been purposely designed to help you monitor how long you are spending on each app on your smartphone. Through the use of a timeline, it highlights your smartphone habits and highlights what apps you use and when. Additionally, it allows you to set usage limits on specific apps on your devices and alerts can be set letting you when to take a step back and take a break.

Quality Time app is a great way to ensure your digital diet is working as well as you think. Often we lose track of what apps we use on our phone and time can fly away from us, but this app allows you to closely monitor it to see how well your digital diet is going.

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