Fun Apps - The 10 Best Ways to Waste a Day

We’ve all got better things to do than sit playing on our phones all day but sometimes it’s nice to just take some time out to chill. If you are in the mood for a little procrastination, check out our 10 fun app recommendations below...

1.) SpellTower - £1.49 – Download here

You can’t beat a good word game! Waste your day playing on SpellTower, a captivating word game that will challenge you to craft words from your letter selection (a little like Scrabble) whilst having to deal with multiple falling letter blocks (think Tetris). The idea is to remove as many letters from your screen as possible.


2.) Doodle Jump – Free – Download here (Android) or here (iOS)

Looking for a new fun game to play? Make it Doodle Jump! This cute and quirky app requires you to help a jumping bug to reach the top, avoiding the nasty insects. It’s simple, yet remarkably addictive. Multiple levels varying in difficulty will keep you entertained for hours.


3.) Periscope – Free – Download here (iOS) or here (Android)

If you’re a fan of Twitter but enjoy more visual content, you’ll love the social media website’s new live streaming app, Periscope. Using this app you can easily create your own live streams and share them with people around the world. Alternatively, you can waste your day watching other people’s live streams in real time, sending them comments and hearts to show your appreciation. Periscope also has a 24-hour window for streaming replays, so you’ll never miss out on the good stuff.

4.) BuzzFeed – Free – Download here (iOS) or here (Android)

The BuzzFeed app delivers the best news, gossip stories and quizzes directly to your device. From hilarious videos to slideshows of the Grumpy Cat, there’s plenty of content to keep you entertained all day long. This app’s so good it was voted the App Store Best of 2014.


5.) Instagram – Free – Download here (iOS) or here (Android)

Spend your day taking photos, adding quirky filters and sharing them with people all over the world. Instagram currently has over three hundred million users, so there will be plenty of images for you to scroll through as the day passes you by. Don’t forget to share your Instagram snaps to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The app makes it easy with just a few taps of the screen.

6.) Action Movie FX – Free – Download here

Fancy wasting the day creating and starring in your own action movie? Look no further than the Action Movie FX app. Described as ‘the best special FX app for action videos,’ Action Movie FX let you shoot and add special FX to your videos such as bomb explosions, car crashes, avalanches and missile attacks, before uploading them straight to your social media pages.

7.) iSwap Faces - £1.49 – Download here

If you are looking to waste a day with your friends and family, there’s nothing quite like iSwap Faces to keep you entertained. Swap faces with your mum, dad, sister or even your pet! Whilst there are some similar apps you can download for free, iSwap Faces lets you accurately position your new face, making it all the more fun.

8.) Pics HD for Reddit – Free – Download here

You’re probably already familiar with Reddit but did you know it has its own app? Pics HD for Reddit lets you enjoy thousands of outrageous, funny and amusing pictures discovered online by the Reddit community. All of the pictures are available in HD and you can even share them straight to your Facebook, Twitter or email from the app. You’ll never get bored with this one!

9.) Cat Piano – Free – Download here

The Internet is crazy for cats, so we have no doubt that you’ll enjoy this rather odd, yet fun app. The Cat Piano allows you to re-create your favourite tunes with cat noises and drum beats. What could possibly be better than that? Waste your days playing on the Cat Piano and winding up your furry friends, who will think you’ve bought home another playmate.

10.) 80 Days - £3.99 – Download here (iOS) or here (Android)

If you don’t mind spending almost £4 on an app, then we highly recommend downloading the 80 Days app. Set in a Steampunk version of 1872, the app requires you to assist Phileas Fogg in getting round the world in 80 days. Your character is the loyal valet, tasked with planning routes, managing the inventory and making important decisions. It’s one of those games that’ll hook you in and have you putting your social life on hold.

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