Smartphones With Moving Eyes

Phones are just phones, right? Wrong. If you have heard about the LG AKA smartphone you'd be forgiven for thinking the gadget world has gone mad; smartphones are no longer just a way to contact others and keep up to date using apps, they are now your best friends too.

LG have released a new mobile and though currently not available in the UK or US and with no confirmed plans to be, they've caused quite a stir. This is because they are smartphones with moving eyes and personalities.

Moving Eyes and Smartphone Characters 

The LG AKA comes in four colours, each with its own character; Wooky (white), Yo-Yo (pink), Soul (black) and Eggy (yellow). Each option has its own smartphone personality, for example Yo-Yo struggles with diet and Soul is a lover of all things music. 

Each individual AKA has moving eyes embedded into the back of the phone with the aim of establishing an emotional connection of friendship with their owner. The AKA’s eyes react to the user and are able to notify them of different notifications; for example, they appear ‘dizzy’ when the phone is moved or shaken and their eye colour changes to signify different emotional states. 

Smartphones With Moving Eyes, Just a Novelty? 

The phone itself is nothing too different from what we have seen in other recent smartphone additions, in fact the screen is actually smaller than most but are the moving eyes enough to make this smartphone the next must-have gadget? 

It's unlikely. The phone itself doesn't offer much that can't be found on another model, other than the implementation of a smartphone character, which many argue is likely to only be a novelty. Luckily, if you get bored of your chosen character, whether that be Eggy or one of his friends, you can opt for another by changing the phone case. 

Though this smartphone offers little exact other than things for novelty value, they are ideal for those who miss the work of Sims or Tamagotchi; both games allowed users to create ‘friends’ and characters with specific personality traits to live in a virtual world. Furthermore, for those who are getting a little bored with the same smartphone features that appear on every phone and are unimpressed by the recent additions, such as the iPhone 6, the LG AKA may offer that much-needed something different. 

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