The Best Mobile Photography Apps & Gadgets

The greatest showcase of the improvements in mobile phone cameras is the declining sales of compact camera sales. 

Mobile phone photography has come a long way from the days of Sony’s mobile phone 2MP Cybershot cameras under ten years ago.  And thanks to improving lenses, technology and some amazing apps and gadgets, the little device you carry in your pocket can perform feats of photography that cameras worth thousands of pounds couldn’t do thirty years ago. 

Even though they say a bad carpenter blames his tools, we can be pretty sure that good ones place some attribution towards good tools when a job comes up trumps too. So, if you want to make more of your smartphone for mobile photography, what are the best apps and gadgets on offer?

Cool Gadgets

Prynt Polaroid Case

When Polaroid became defunct in 2008 a number of companies tried to revive it. In the aftermath, we’ve seen companies such as the Impossible Project try to keep the dream alive. However, this innovation from Prynt has brought it into 2014. 

The Prynt smartphone case allows users to turn digital snaps into real ones in under a minute. The device is simply a mock Polaroid phone case with a small Bluetooth heated ink printer inside. Users place this atop their iPhone 6 or Android device and snap as usual, pressing to send to print if they wish. The printer then takes around 50 seconds to print out the image in a similar way to the retro Polaroid did.

Samsung Gear

Looking into the future through the past, techies have spent decades envisaging a future of VR and it looks like it may be here already. 

Samsung showcased some of its wears at its developer conference last month and the Gear VR was one of its devices. The headset allows people to perform an array of visual tasks through its headset and viewing photographs is one. 

Utilising the power of VR and a 360 degree image, users can get a full panorama view of a location. So, whether it’s your friend’s living room or St Peter’s Basilica in The Vatican, your photo may soon be able to virtually take you there. 

Amazing Apps

Instagram Hyperlapse 

One of our personal favourite apps and one that has been out for a while now, is Instagram Hyperlapse. The app uses motion time lapse to create very cool videos that we absolutely love.

Instagram currently only offers the service to Apple users, so Android users may feel left out. Fortunately, there are a number of great alternatives that perform the same functions and allow them to create great videos too.


Manual is another great app for iPhone users. Unlike a lot of traditional phone apps, Manual allows you greater control over how you take an image, allowing you the chance to capture long exposures through alter shutter speeds, alter ISO levels and also a number of other great features SLR users will love. 


For video, VCSO Cam is a great option and creates great video simulations, adding that retro effect to your movies. From a little desaturation, to tweaking of exposure and adding of film grain, it’s simple and very effective. 

Slow Fast Slow

Slow motion video was great when it came with iPhone 5S. However, like everything that’s cool, it became old hat from overuse. Slow Fast Slow allows you to edit the tempo of video between; yes you guessed it….slow then fast and then slow again. It makes for some very cool effects and even allows you to play video backwards and alter the frame rate as you play in reverse.

These gadgets and apps are must have for your device and a lot of fun too. So, our advice this Christmas is to download a few, play about and make the most of them. Of course, with all the festive activities make sure your device is insured before you take it out. 

*The information in this blog is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Please seek a professional for expert advice as we can not be held responsible for any damages or negative consequences upon following this information.

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