Does Your Mobile Ruin Your Relationship?

These days mobile phones are rarely out of our hands; at dinner, at work, at school and everywhere in between; but just how much of an impact does this have on our relationships?

Over 90% of UK adults have a mobile phone, which reinforces the notion that they are crucial part of our everyday lives. There are benefits to having a mobile phone at your fingertips at all times, many of which some of us would struggle to live without; the ability to Google something at a moment’s notice, instantly seeing social media notifications and the having thousands upon thousands of songs at our disposal at all times. However, it is said that mobile phones can often deviate our attention away from loved ones.


Mobile Phones Vs. Relationship Time 

As smartphones become more hi-tech we tend to rely on them even more for everyday tasks, and this can lead to ‘smartphone addiction’. We are so used to having our mobile phones with us at all times that the second we are without them, we feel lost and often a bit uneasy; what Twitter notification am I missing? Is there an important text I need to reply to? What if someone has tagged me in a photograph on Facebook? Often, this escalates from affecting how we live personally on a day-to-day basis, to affecting our relationships.

The fact of the matter is, that the more time you spend on your phone, the less time you spend with your significant other. For example, everyone loves date night because you get to spend time with your partner and do something fun like go out for dinner somewhere special or to the cinema; however, with so many of us constantly on our smartphones, we aren’t making the most of these times together.

Find a Balance Before Your Mobile Ruins Your Relationship

Spending quality time with your significant other is paramount in keeping the relationship strong. Finding a balance between your mobile phone and relationship is key, and it is vital to remember that while your mobile phone may seem important, your relationship should triumph above it. Whether you use your mobile phone for business emails, gaming, photography, social media interactions or for a variety of different mobile apps, finding time away can prevent your mobile from ruining your relationship.

So our advice to try and set aside some time every week to spend time together without your phones, you never know you might just enjoy it!

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