The Mobile Innovation Summit is Europe’s leading and most influential mobile conference, revealing future innovations, discussing current strategies and analysing real-life case studies to guide individuals on their mobile journey. 

Marketed as so much more than an event, it’s the sharing of insights, strategies and case studies between mobile industry executives, entrepreneurs, developers and investors from over 20 countries. The event takes place in London in September. 

There will be speakers from award-winning mobile advertising companies, mobile TV, mobile payment companies, operators, wearable technology companies, top app developers, mobile cloud experts and data analytics companies who will offer unparalleled insights into the trends and opportunities of the mobile phenomenon. 

What are the trends and topics that will be covered? 
1. New wave mobile advertising – beyond banner ads. 
2. Wearable technology - $8 billion market up for grabs 
3. Mobile web vs. apps – which packs more punch? 
4. Mobile retail gateway – the convergence of the physical, the virtual and the mobile world 
5. How will carriers surpass app developers? 
6. Mobile wallet war – join the war! 

Here are some key facts highlighted on the Mobile Innovation Europe Summit’s website: 
• By 2014 – global mobile Internet usage is set to take over desktop usage. 
• By 2016 – mobile devices will account for 90% of mobile data traffic. 
• By 2018 – Weartech is going to be worth $8billion up from $2billion in 2014. 

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