Wearable technology is defined as being clothing or accessories that incorporate technology; these can be useful and practical, or purely for fashion and style purposes. Wearable technology covers a wide range of items and therefore it comes as no surprise that some are more popular than others.

Below we take a look at some of the best and worst wearable technologies that are currently available on the market, many of which have brought with them conflicting views and opinions.

The Best

Apple Watch: The Apple Watch is not currently available on the market but like all Apple products, it has already created quite a stir in the tech world. The Apple Watch is a rectangular, wearable product that is designed to work well with other Apple iOS8 products. It boasts features such as Siri, simplified apps, Facebook updates, messages and is a stylish and modern looking product

Ralph Lauren Tech Shirt: The Ralph Lauren tech or smart shirt has been designed as a fitness tracker and heart rate monitor that sportsmen and women can use as part of their fitness or workout regime. The key selling point for this product and what makes it one of the best wearable technology products on the market is that it doesn’t get in the way, there is no other items to wear such as a bulky heart rate monitor. From your device you can keep track of your heart rate, breathing, calories and steps; it can even be linked to an iOS dashboard which is a great help for coaches and trainers alike when keeping track of how an athlete is working. 

The Worst

inCync: The main function of inCync is to allow users to listen to music via Bluetooth. The device clips on to your clothing and amplifies music, it is one of the world’s smallest and lightest portable Bluetooth speakerphone. Having said this, it is often irritating for those around the user to also have to listen to your music and we can’t see the benefit of using this device over conventional earphones. 

Voyce: Understanding everything your dog does seems ideal, right? That’s what the brains behind Voyce thought; a type of wearable technology for dogs that works to bridge the communication gap the between owners and dogs. By measuring signs and indicators, Voyce is able to provide information about your dogs wellbeing, calorie output and heart rate. The main downfall for Voyce comes due there being no real advantage of using the product. Dogs and their owners have communicated for hundreds of years without anyone having to wear a bulky piece of technology and as long as our dogs are happy and healthy, why invest in a pricey product?

All in all, the best wearable technologies are those that are beneficial to our every days lives. Smartwatches and tech shirts help with keeping fit and healthy are a useful, and often necessary, piece of equipment for many of us, advancing products; conversely, products that have no real benefit to individuals and which are not filling a gap in the market will continue to lag behind the frontrunners. 

*The information in this blog is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Please seek a professional for expert advice as we can not be held responsible for any damages or negative consequences upon following this information.

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