The Rise Of The Mobile Phone

Everywhere you look there seems to be someone on their phone, literally everywhere! Walking down the street you spend most of your time avoiding people texting, searching, chatting, playing or downloading.

Times have changed quickly, phones used to be a means to an end: you needed to call someone so found a phone (at home or a telephone box on the rare occasion you needed to make a call while you were out) sat down and rang them, told them what was needed to be said and didn’t pick up the phone again until you needed to make a call or someone rang you.

Today our mobile phone is our constant companion, we couldn’t imagine a life without it, our lives revolve around the networks it creates for us and communication is constant.

Work out how many times in the day you have your mobile phone in your hand, include all the looking at it to see if anyone has texted, each time you pick it up to look at Facebook or Twitter or the latest photo’s your friend has posted on flickr, then add up all the occasions you use it to see what time it is and I’m sure that adds up to a fair bit of time and that’s before you’ve even made a phone call!

Our lives are richer for having so much information at our finger tips we just need to make sure we look up once in a while and don’t bump into anyone!

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