We live in a society where a large percentage of us are addicted to our smartphones, so much so that often we can feel them vibrating with a new notification even when there isn’t one there and many of us feel lost when our smartphone isn’t in our hand for a large percentage of the day. If we aren’t checking emails we are on Facebook, if we aren’t on Facebook we are playing Candy Crush; the fact of the matter is, mobile phones are a huge distraction to us. However, would you give up your mobile for the NoPhone?

What is the NoPhone?

Luckily, help is at hand for the mobile phone addicts among us. The NoPhone has been designed to help mobile phone addicts break their addiction without struggling with having ‘no phone’. The idea behind the NoPhone is simple, it is a plastic rectangular object shaped exactly like an iPhone but with a catch; it’s simply a plastic object. Nothing more, nothing less. 

The brains behind the NoPhone highlight it’s many benefits such as being battery free - never again will you worry when a battery reaches the dreaded 10% and runs out shortly afterwards - waterproof, shatterproof and will never require an upgrade or a cracked screen replacement. The key reason for the NoPhone is for users to feel safe knowing they have a ‘phone’ in their hand, whilst being able to cut themselves off from the technological environment, if only for a short time. 

Is the NoPhone for you?

The NoPhone is currently in a prototype stage with the designers behind it hoping to manufacture it in the future. Many will see the NoPhone as a novelty item, a possible gift for technology addicted friends, but is there some sense behind it?

With a large number of people spending an increasing amount time on their smartphone or tablet it is becoming increasingly more difficult to take time away from mobile phones, and it is just this reason why the NoPhone may work. There is a possibility that the NoPhone will trick individuals into thinking they have their phone on them at all times, in their pocket or in their hand, but without being disturbed by messages, emails and social media updates. However, with the power of the smartphone ever increasing it is likely that the NoPhone will be switched back to the iPhone in no time. 

There aren’t many people who would answer yes to the question “would you give up your mobile for the NoPhone?’ but at only $12 each, it may be worth a try. 

If the swapping your smartphone for the NoPhone is a little daunting, you may want to consider ensuring your mobile phone is fully insured in case of breaks, damages and theft. Get a online quote today and insure your mobile phone at a price you can afford!

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