Living Without Your Phone

How about an experiment? You’re up for it? Well here does: try living a day without your mobile phone! “OK” you think, “that’s easy enough I’ll give it a go, how hard can it be?” Well let’s look at an average day in the life in 2013, without our mobile phone and see how what difference it makes.

08:00: you wake up, late; your phone is normally your alarm clock so without it you’ve overslept.

08:30: ready to leave but can’t check the bus time-table, you normally do it on your phone so run to the stop to find you’ve just missed one.

09:00: on the bus, the last half an hour you stood round doing nothing, your mobile phone would normally come in handy here as you could read the news, catch up on Twitter and look at your calendar for the day.

09:30: you’ve missed your first meeting of the day, without your mobile phone you didn’t have access to your calendar.

13:00: you have lunch alone, without your mobile phone you’ve no way of knowing where your friends are meeting.

17:00: you turn up for football only to find it has been cancelled – you didn’t get the WhatsApp message from the team captain.

22:00: you get into bed with a feeling you’ve missed out on something.

Next morning your phone wakes you, as you switch it on whilst eating breakfast you see the photos from last night’s party, “agghh never again” and you Google ‘mobile phone insurance’.

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